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Moments before execution, Texas killer tells witnesses, 'That'll be $5' Moments before execution, Texas killer tells witnesses, 'That'll be $5' Moments before execution, Texas killer tells witnesses, 'That'll be $5' Moments before execution, Texas killer tells witnesses, 'That'll be $5'

Moments before execution, Texas killer tells witnesses, 'That'll be $5'

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Man who killed newlywed during robbery executed in Texas Man who killed newlywed during robbery executed in Texas Man who killed newlywed during robbery executed in Texas

Man who killed newlywed during robbery executed in Texas

Member of 'Texas 7' prison-break gang executed for officer's killing

Second Tennessee prisoner on death row chooses electric chair for execution

Nebraska becomes first state to use fentanyl in execution

Judge refuses to halt Nebraska's 1st execution since 1997

Tennessee death row inmate Billy Ray Irick apologizes before being executed

Nevada judge halts execution of convicted killer after drug company files suit

Nevada and Nebraska executioners are turning to fentanyl

Texas executes convicted killer whose attorneys proposed firing squad

Attorneys for Texas ice pick killer propose execution by firing squad or gas

Doyle Lee Hamm wished for death during botched execution, report says

Lawyer describes aborted execution attempt for Doyle Lee Hamm as 'torture'

In bipartisan trend, Washington state advances bill to abolish death penalty

'Tourniquet Killer' Anthony Allen Shore executed in Texas for 1992 strangling

Why Texas' 'death penalty capital of the world' stopped executing people

2017 brings second-fewest death sentences and executions

South Carolina wants to execute Bobby Wayne Stone but has no drugs

Ohio cancels execution of Alva Campbell after failing to find vein

Arkansas Death Row Inmate Wants Brain Examined If Executed

Arkansas Poised to Execute Man Amid Fight Over Mental Health

Torrey Twane McNabb, Alabama Inmate, Defiant Before His Execution

Ohio Executes Double Murderer Gary Otte as He Sings Hymn

Florida Executes Mark James Asay With Experimental Injection

Missouri Governor Halts Marcellus Williams Execution Over DNA Questions

Arizona Woman Gets Death Penalty for Putting 10-Year-Old Cousin in Hot Box

Texas Executes TaiChin Preyor, Who Said Lawyer Used Wikipedia

Ronald Phillips Executed in Ohio, Ending Three-Year Break

Ronald Phillips Set to Die in Ohio's First Execution in Three Years

Inmates Ask Supreme Court to Stop Ohio Plan to Resume Executions

Robert Melson: Alabama Man Executed for Killing Three Fast-Food Workers

Alabama Death Row Inmate Tommy Arthur Pleads for Eighth Reprieve

Georgia Executes Convicted Killer, 1st Execution by State This Year

Georgia Killer Appeals Execution, Argues 20 Is Too Young to Be Sentenced to Death

J.W. Ledford's Bid for Firing Squad Rejected on Execution Eve

Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson on Executions: 'I Absolutely Made the Right Decision'

Arkansas Execution of Kenneth Williams 'Horrifying': Lawyer

Arkansas Executions: Censured Judge Calls for Probe of State AG, High Court

As Arkansas' Final Execution Looms, Where Are We Now?

Commission Calls for Extending Oklahoma Execution Moratorium

Arkansas Executions: State Kills Two Death Row Inmates in One Night

An Arkansas Family Prepares to Witness the Execution of their Father's Murderer

Judge Declines to Block Executions of 2 Arkansas Inmates

Arkansas Executes Ledell Lee, State's First Inmate Put to Death Since 2005

Arkansas Again Faces Two Legal Roadblocks Day Ahead of Execution

Arkansas Inmates Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Block Remaining Executions

After Arkansas Execution Blocked, Victim's Daughter Still Wants Justice

Arkansas Executions: What's Next for the State's Push to Execute a Record Number of Inmates

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Arkansas Request to Begin Executions

Arkansas Judge Barred From Ruling on Executions After Showing Up at Protest

Arkansas Plans Execution for at Least One Man Monday, Despite Legal Hurdles

Tense Easter Sunday in Arkansas as State Fights for Executions

Arkansas Attorney General Works to Dismantle Roadblocks to Executions

Arkansas Executions: Federal Judge Halts Scheduled Executions, State Appeals

Arkansas Executions: First Two Men Scheduled to Die Push for Delay

Lawyers Desperate to Stall Arkansas' Spate of Executions as Victims' Families Hope for Closure

Arkansas Executions: Damien Echols, Ex-Death Row Inmate, Will Speak for Condemned

Arkansas Executions: Judge Blocks 1, Won't Stop 7 Others Set for 10-Day Span

Arkansas Executions: Parole Board Urges Mercy for One of Eight Condemned to Die in Ten Days

Speedy Execution Pace Is Unconstitutional, Arkansas Inmates Claim in New Suit

Arkansas Faces Another Hurdle in Upcoming 8 Executions — Finding Witnesses

Why Arkansas Plans to Execute a Historic Number of Inmates in a Span of 10 Days

Texas Executes Man in Murder-for-Hire Scheme

Ohio Gov. Kasich Postpones Eight Executions Amid Legal Battle

Judge: Ohio Lethal Injections Might Be Too Painful

Virginia Executes Ricky Gray for Virginia Family Murders

Texas Executes Convicted Killer in First U.S. Execution of 2017

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Execution of Texas Killer Christopher Wilkins

U.S. Military Could Execute Ex-Soldier for First Time Since 1961

Death Sentences Drop to 40-Year Low, Report Finds

Alabama Inmate Coughs, Heaves During Execution, Putting Spotlight on Sedative

Alabama Inmate Coughs, Heaves 13 Minutes Into Execution

Georgia Executes Inmate Who Refused to Appeal Case

Supreme Court Delays Inmate Tommy Arthur's Seventh Execution Date

Convicted Killer Who Dropped Appeals Executed in Texas

Texas Inmate Barney Fuller Not Challenging His Execution

Ohio to Resume Lethal Injections After Three-Year Pause

Ohio Inmate Romell Brown Who Survived 2009 Execution Appeals to High Court

Missouri Death Row Inmate Ernest Lee Johnson Suggests Nitrogen Gas Execution

'Careless and Cavalier': Grand Jury Issues Scathing Report on Botched Oklahoma Executions

Pfizer Blocks Use of Its Drugs for Lethal Injections

Alabama Delays Execution of Cop Killer Vernon Madison by Lethal Injection

Georgia Executes Man Who Killed Teen Neighbor Girl During 1996 Burglary

Virginia Gov Opts for Drug Secrecy Over Electric Chair

Georgia Executes Man for Fatal Beating in 1994

Court OKs Ohio Do-Over of Failed Lethal Injection of Romell Broom

Virginia Pols Vote to Force Prisoners to Electric Chair

Alabama Judge Finds Death Sentence Process Unconstitutional

Georgia to Execute Ex-Navy Crewman Travis Hittson Who Killed Fellow Sailor

Georgia Executes Its Oldest Death Row Inmate

Florida Executes Serial Killer Oscar Ray Bolin

Mom Awaits Execution of Convicted Serial Killer Oscar Ray Bolin

Death Knell? Executions Hit Two-Decade Low

Oklahoma Prisons Boss Robert Patton Resigns Amid Probe of Botched Executions

Texas Man Executed for Fire That Killed 3 Children

Georgia Inmate Marcus Ray Johnson Denied Beer as Last Meal

California Unveils Lethal Injection Plan After Long Execution Delay

Supreme Court Stays Execution of Missouri Killer

Oklahoma Warden Who Oversaw Troubled Executions Steps Down