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Video, photos show chaos in aftermath of Brooklyn subway shooting

Screaming passengers, pools of blood on the train platform and smoke filling the 36th Street station are some of the disturbing images emerging from the attack Tuesday morning.
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Warning: Some of this content is graphic.

Harrowing video and images, including some of a smoke-filled train car and panicked passengers rushing out screaming into a station, have emerged after the subway shooting in Brooklyn, New York, early Tuesday.

At least 10 people were shot and six others were injured, officials said. Gunfire rang out inside a subway car around 8:26 a.m., the New York Police Department said, and passengers were seen spilling out of the train at the 36th Street station in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The aftermath of a shooting at the subway station at 36th Street and Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y.
The aftermath of a shooting at the subway station at 36th Street and Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y.Armen Armenia via Facebook

A manhunt for the gunman — a man who police said was wearing a green construction-type vest — is underway. 

New York Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon that the shooter put on a gas mask on the train and took a canister out of his bag and opened it; then the car began to fill with smoke. He then opened fire, hitting people in the subway and on the platform, Sewell said.

Video shows the panic that unfolded when a Manhattan-bound N train pulled up to the station, its third car filled with a green smoke. Once the doors open, people spill out from the smoky car screaming. Some appear to run for the exits, and others head onto the train on the opposite side of the platform.

Blood on the ground of a subway car.
Blood on the ground of a subway car.Armen Armenia via Facebook

At least two people limp out of the car. One of them men falls to the ground.

Photos shared on Facebook show smoke filling the station with dozens of people on the platform, several of them on the ground.

In one photo, a man is lying next to puddles of blood, just inches from another man who is leaning on a pillar with what appears to be a large bloodstain on his leg. In the background, three people are on the ground, one of them lying down.

Another photo shows a pool of blood on the ground of a smoke-filled subway car. 

Another video shows the chaos on the platform moments after people exited the car. Two trains are at the platform as a voice on the intercom yells, "Everybody on the platform get on the train."

Several people appear to be injured; others are seated on the platform ground. A person helps a limping man onto the ground, placing him next to a man already splayed on the ground.

A Twitter user named Yav shared a video from inside the train car that was filled with smoke, showing multiple passengers appearing to bend over, one of them covering their face with the inside of their sweatshirt. 

“I was on the cart of the train with said smoke and explosions. A lot of blood on the floor," he said. "Sounded like fireworks. I couldn’t tell if it was gunshots, but the smoke made it hard to see anything."

Video shared on social media from the car next to the smoke-filled car appears to show a figure between the two train cars, and banging noises can be heard in the background. People inside the car scramble to the far end to get away. It is not known who the figure is.

Another photo, by Kay Xie, 31, which appears to have been taken from across the N train, shows blood smeared on the platform.

"I was on a D train and they were saying delays due to smoked train at 36 St. ... We were so confused as to what happened as they were being assisted, still only announcement about smoked train," Xie said in a written message. "It was very smoky too, the smell even smelled like gas."

Video from aboveground at the scene shows a massive police and fire presence, with sirens blaring and ambulances gathering outside the station.

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