Donald Trump Campaign Offers T-Shirts for Donations of $45 - $2,700

Donald Trump has the presidency in the bag but he's still trying to drum up funds by hawking limited edition T-shirts on his campaign's website.

Image: A T-shirt sold on Donald Trump's campaign website
The T-shirt sold on Donald Trump's campaign website for donations of $45 and upward. Donald J. Trump for President

Trump's campaign is asking supporters to donate between $45 and $2,700 (the maximum annual individual contribution) in exchange for one of the white shirts from a limited run of 1,000.

"Now, only for supporters, President-elect Trump is offering an EXCLUSIVE deal," read a text message sent to supporters. "He wants YOU to be the first to have his OFFICIAL 1st Edition Trump-Pence Presidential T-shirt. Don't wait — we've only made 1,000. Contribute $45 for the 45th President to get yours (while supplies last)!"

A message on Trump's campaign site says donations will allocated first to the "2016 General Election Debt Retirement" and then "designated to the 2020 Primary Election."

This is the same language used on Trump's donation page, which is still open six days after the election.

Campaign finance law says a candidate can continue to raise money after Election Day to pay off any debts or to raise money for re-election.

Barack Obama still had $2.4 million debt left over from his 2012 victory as of September last year, when he signed a deal with the DNC to help pay down the debt, according to Politico. This repayment plan involved Obama hosting fundraising events.

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At the end of the last fundraising report on Oct. 20, Trump had an uninspiring $16 million cash on hand and was also $2 million in debt.

Trump gave himself a $10 million infusion on Oct. 21 to help carry him through the final, expensive days of campaigning.

The next campaign finance reports detailing Trump's spending and debt will be released on Dec. 8.

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