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NBC Select Wellness Awards 2024: The best fitness, sleep and self care products

We tried and chose the best in workout shoes, sleep eye masks, moisturizers and more.

Popular brands like Amazon, Cetaphil and Apple were among our winners.Kara Birnbaum / NBC News

At NBC Select, we do the research so that you can be selective. So, with our second-ever NBC Select Wellness Awards, we spent months meticulously testing hundreds of products to find the best across multiple categories, including skin care, dental, sleep and fitness. After many months of testing, our editors chose over 60 products deserving of our Best of Wellness Awards stamp of approval.

Shop our complete list of Wellness winners below, many of which are available on Amazon and other retailers. 

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NBC Select Best of Wellness sleep winners

Hatch Restore 2 Alarm Clock 

Award: Best alarm clock

The Hatch Restore 2 Alarm Clock is truly an all-in-one product when it comes to everything sleep and relaxation. It’s a clock at its foundation, but it does so much more. Once the app is completely set up, you’ll see that there is a wide range of resources, all meant to help you relax, such as podcast episodes on topics like pop culture and history, many different types of acoustic music, different light shades, alarm scheduling and relaxing environmental sounds like rain or a campfire.

“I love that the Hatch Restore 2 Alarm Clock looks incredibly modern in addition to being extremely resourceful,” says NBC Select commerce editor Cory Fernandez. “It’s great being able to wake up to a relaxing sound or calming noise rather than the more harsh sounds I’m used to.”

Pure Enrichment Wave Mini Zen 

Award: Best sound machine

If you have a lot of difficulty relaxing before bed, a sound machine can make it a much easier task. The small but powerful Pure Enrichment Wave Mini Zen sound machine is easy to use, especially when you’re tired at the end of a long day. The machine has six relaxing sounds including a piano, flowing water, meditation music and rain.

“One of my favorite aspects about the Wave Mini Zen Sound Machine is that it actually gets pretty loud thanks to the 10-level volume setting,” says Fernandez. “It’s also easy to take with you anywhere and charges quickly.” 

Slip Silk Eye Mask

Award: Best sleep mask

The Slip Silk Eye Mask is a sleep mask that’s as luxurious as it is functional. The cozy silk material is gentle on the face while also helping you relax and get some shut-eye.

Plus, the mask maintains its quality even after multiple uses and rounds in the wash. “[This] held up pretty well after I washed and dried even though you’re supposed to hand wash,” says NBC Select managing editor Leah Ginsberg, who prefers when a product doesn’t have to be hand washed.

Bearaby Weighted Eye Mask (wait list available)

Award: Best sleep mask | Type: Weighted

Bearaby’s Weighted Eye Mask is made from a soft woven fabric filled with a biodegradable clay. The mask places just the right amount of weight on the eyes to help relieve tension, according to the brand, but is also gentle so as to not cause strain or irritation.

The mask also helps block out sound, too. “[The mask] is very effective at blocking out light and even some sound and it definitely puts weight on the face, which I did find helped with tension,” says Ginsberg.

Dagsmejan Blackout Eye Mask 

Award: Best sleep mask | Type: Contoured

The Dagsmejan Blackout Eye Mask is ideal for those who are looking for more uninterrupted sleep but are also somewhat sensitive to any form of light. Plus, the mask has adjustable eye cups, so that you can make sure the mask is perfectly comfortable.

“It’s very adjustable which is a real benefit over some of the elastic options. [Plus, it’s] really effective at blocking the light,” says NBC Select editorial assistant Ari Night. 

Loop Quiet

Award: Best earplugs | Type: Sleep

These washable silicone earbuds were a 2023 Best of Wellness Award winner and we still are big fans. They reduce noise by up to 26 decibels, according to the brand. "My husband is a terrible sleeper, especially when the radiator is clanking or sirens are blaring," says NBC Select editorial director Lauren Swanson. "These helped him actually sleep through the night which has been huge."

Improved from 2023 is the case: it is a little larger, but has slots to rest the earbuds, similar to a wireless earbud charging case.

NBC Select Best of Wellness fitness tech and equipment winners

Lululemon The Mat 5mm

Award: Best yoga mat

This Lululemon yoga mat is an updated version of the brand’s original 5-millimeter yoga mat, which won an NBC Select Best of Wellness award in 2023. The new version is sustainably sourced and made from FSC-certified natural rubber, and it still outperforms other yoga mats we tried thanks to its thick, non-slip material and moisture-wicking top layer, which prevents slipping and sliding during your workout. Plus, it’s reversible, so you can flip between a smooth, grippy side and a cushioned rubber side, and comes in five colors and patterns, “so it’s much nicer to look at when you’re staring down during a plank or other poses in class,” says NBC Select manager of editorial operations Shari Uyehara.

The mat is also easy to take on the go: “I find that it rolls up easily, and it’s one of the only mats I’ve tried that lays completely flat when I unroll it,” says NBC Select updates editor Mili Godio. “The edges don’t curl up at all, so I don’t have to worry about tripping or having to flatten them down with a heavier object like a water bottle.”

Bala The Play Mat

Award: Best yoga mat | Type: Hot yoga

With its 5mm thickness and moisture-wicking, non-slip natural rubber top layer, Bala’s The Play Mat is cushion-y for yoga, pilates and aerobic exercises. Its rounded top also makes it easy to roll and take on the go, according to our reviewers. 

“This yoga mat is incredibly slip-resistant. When I’m doing heated and non-heated exercises, I can ground my feet and hands into it very well,” says NBC Select associate updates editor Zoe Malin, who used it during four hot yoga classes. “The bottom of the mat is textured and almost looks scratchy, and that helped it adhere to the wood floors in my apartment as well as the rubber floors in my yoga studio,” she says.

NordicTrack Select-A-Weight Dumbbells

Award: Best weights | Type: Adjustable

These weights are pricey, but they're basically many in one. Because they're adjustable, you don't need multiple sets of free weights, which our tight-on-apartment-space editors loved. They also loved how comfortable the handle was to hold, which was an important feature.

Nike Kettlebell

Award: Best weights | Type: Kettlebell

During our in-office weight testing, the Nike Kettlebell stood out for its comfortable handle and weight range. Our editors also loved the material, which made reps feel lighter on our hands.

Amazon Basics Easy Grip Workout Dumbbell

Award: Best weights | Type: Static

These are a popular pair of dumbbells, and for good reason: they get the job done. Our editors loved the price point and also how the material was cushion-y in our hands during testing. Not to mention, we were also very picky about weights being stinky and these had no noticeable odor.

Bala Bangles

Award: Best weights | Type: Ankle

The Bala Bangles won a 2023 Best of Wellness Award and we still love them. They are adjustable and can be worn either as wrist or ankle weights.

"I can wear these all day without them being uncomfortable," says Swanson. "They're also stylish and easy-to-clean."

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Award: Best resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great tool to improve workouts and overall strength, and these bands are our top pick to get the most out of your strength training sessions. These exercise bands can help give you a full-body workout; they come in five different resistance levels and are tear-resistant even after extensive use. They also come with a carrying pouch so that you can easily store and transport them.

“I absolutely love these resistance bands,” says Godio, who used the bands for leg and arm resistance workouts like leg raises and band rows. “They’re super stretchy — much more than any other resistance band I’ve tried — so I can better customize my workout.”

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle

Award: Best water bottle

The Hydro Flask Wide Mouth bottle was a Best of Wellness Award winner in 2023 and it was also ranked as one of our best reusable water bottles. “I love the water bottle because it’s durable, holds a lot of water and is easy to carry. I take it to the gym with me and to workout classes and use it around the house,” says Uyehara.

“I’ve been using the hydroflask for only two weeks but it’s already become one of the best water bottles I’ve tried,” says Rebecca Rodriguez, editorial projects manager. Rodriguez has tried over 15 different bottles but says the Hydro Flask manages to keep water cold all day.  “I’ll add ice in it before bed and wake up to still find most of it there,” says Rodriguez. She also loves how easy the bottle is to clean and the mouth spout, which helps prevent water from spilling out of the bottle. 

Brumate Rotera

Award: Best water bottle | Type: Everyday

The Brumate Rotera was voted our best everyday water bottle thanks to its unique leak-proof design and its ability to keep water cool. The twist-to-sip straw means you can drink your water easily without worrying about spills. It also has a durable silicone sleeve that can help prevent any damage to the bottle. 

Multiple writers and editors mentioned how easy the Brumate was to clean. “It’s easy to wash and the opening was large enough that I was able to really get in there. It’s also dishwasher safe so when I’m too lazy to hand wash, being able to pop it in there is amazing and convenient,” says Bianca Alvarez, NBC Select associate reporter. The stainless steel straw was also a major bonus, according to Malin, who says that stainless steel straw doesn’t hold on to flavors or odors and keeps beverages cool.

Peloton Fitness App

Award: Best fitness app

You can practically turn any space into a gym with the Peloton fitness app, which offers annual and monthly memberships. Once you join, you get access to thousands of on-demand workout classes like strength training, yoga, pilates, HIIT, running and stretching. Our testers found the Peloton app easy to navigate and appreciated the ability to log personal data, plus share workout progress with friends.

“I love how customizable it is depending on where you are and what’s available to you in terms of space, time and equipment,” says Vivian Le, NBC commerce photo editor. “The trainers are full of personality, too.”

Roll Recovery Foam Roller

Award: Best foam roller | Type: Overall

The Roll Recovery Foam roller has a unique design, which almost resembles a drum. The grooves are tough and sturdy, which is good because a foam roller should help relieve muscle tension and soreness after a workout or sitting for long hours. They can also be used before a workout to help break up adhesions, increase circulation and lengthen your muscles, warming them up for activity.

“My boyfriend has sciatica, and this foam roller did a really good job of helping them stretch out and align their lower back,” says Night. “The differences, specifically in pain relief after, were pretty noticeable.”

Therabody Theragun Sense 

Award: Best massage gun | Type: Overall

The Theragun Sense has five speeds and different head options that can help you feel more at ease after a workout. “You can select different workout types that focus on lower back pain, sleep or stress relief,” says Jordan Bowman, NBC Select editor. He also liked the ergonomic design, which made it easy to hit spots around his lower back or shoulder muscles. “The speed options were great and there was a distinctive difference between each option,” says Bowman.

Therabody Theragun Pro Plus 

Award: Best massage gun | Type: Splurge

The Theragun Pro Plus is the perfect massage gun for frequent users. Multiple editors noted how easy it was to adjust speed levels and pressure. It also has multiple head attachments which work alongside the heated therapy attachment.

“I suffer from migraines and back pain, and playing with temperature has been really helpful for me when my symptoms are out of control,” says NBC Select SEO editor, Nikki Brown. “It’s expensive but if you’re someone who considers a massage gun a very important part of your routine and wellbeing, this is worth the investment.”

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Award: Best headphones | Type: Over-ear

These are some of our favorite over-ear headphones because they are supremely comfortable, have excellent noise canceling and sound crisp and clear in all situations.

They get up to 30 hours of battery life, and have fast charging with USB-C.

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

Award: Best headphones | Type: Open-ear

These open-ear headphones are part earbud, part ear cuff. They wrap around the side of your outer ear, leaving your ear canal open to hear the world around you. Most open-ear headphones are marketed for outdoor fitness activities like running or cycling, where being able to hear nearby cars and pedestrians can be safer than using noise-canceling headphones.

“I’ve tested dozens of wireless and fitness headphones: these are the most comfortable, by far,” says NBC Select reporter Harry Rabinowitz. “They were incredibly stable on my ear and never jostled out of place during runs or bike rides.” The ear cuff design means they never get in the way of apparel like sunglasses, hats or helmets, says Rabinowitz. You can learn more about these headphones in our full Bose Ultra Open Earbuds review.

Jabra Elite 8 Active

Award: Best headphones | Type: Noise-canceling  

A 2023 NBC Select Giftable Tech winner and one of our favorite workout headphones, the Jabra Elite 8 Active are small enough to fit in your pocket but versatile enough for any activity. The earbuds have noise-canceling and hear-through modes, up to 32 hours of battery life (between the case and the buds), and are IP68 dust-tight and waterproof.

“They sit snug and comfortable in my ears on my commute, at the gym, running outdoors, anywhere,” says Rabinowitz. “They can handle anything I throw at them, and I don’t have to baby them as much as other tech I own.”

Apple Watch Series 9

Award: Best fitness tracker | Operation System: Apple

The Apple Watch remains one of the best fitness trackers for iPhone users, and the Series 9 adds a few new features that wow-d us. One new gesture, called Double Tap, lets you answer calls, open notifications, control music and stop timers by pinching your index and thumb together. “It’s incredibly useful for starting or stopping an outdoor walk or run while you are wearing gloves,” says Rabinowitz.

The watch is comfortable, easy to use, and great for fitness, with robust data tracking and stats, especially for outdoor running and cycling. You can learn more in our full Apple Watch Series 9 review.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Award: Best fitness tracker | Operation System: Android

The Galaxy Watch 6 is a smartwatch for Android users that can do a little bit of everything. It syncs with your phone and mirrors all your notifications, plus tracks workout and health data through Samsung Health and Samsung Wearable apps. All the data is detailed and colorful, says Rabinowitz, and the apps are fun to scroll through and learn from.

“It’s one of the sleekest smartwatches I’ve tried,” says Rabinowitz. “The flat screen, soft-touch watch band and colorful display make it easy to dress up or down in any situation.”

Fitbit Charge 6

Award: Best fitness tracker

This fitness tracker is small, lightweight and compatible with iPhone and Android phones. It tracks all your major health and wellness data, and gives more granular information on fitness activities like walking and running.

You can learn more in our full Fitbit Charge 6 review.

NBC Select Best of Wellness fitness apparel winners

Workout shoes

Brooks Hyperion Elite 4

Award: Best workout shoes | Activity: Running

Whether you’re training for a 5K or marathon, or just looking to improve your speed during casual everyday runs, Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 is a reliable model our testers prize for its lightweight feel and maximum cushioning. 

“This shoe made me want to run more often because I felt like I had a pep in my step that kept pushing me forward,” says Alvarez. That propulsion feeling she describes is thanks to the shoe’s carbon fiber plate, which is built into the midsole. The men’s and women’s running sneaker also offers great neutral arch support thanks to supportive foam, says Fernandez. His feet never felt pained or strained while walking and running in the shoe.

Nike Motiva Walking Shoe

Award: Best workout shoes | Activity: Walking

“The Nike Motiva is not only the most comfortable walking shoe I’ve tried, but also the most stylish,” says Rodriguez. “It has really great arch support and padding so my feet feel like they’re walking on clouds.”

Brown says she was able to run errands in the sneaker for hours without her flat feet feeling tired, and she appreciates the bouncy foam. “It almost felt like I was walking on mini trampolines or bed springs,” she says. The sneaker has a patterned, rocker-shaped outsole that helps it absorb shock while you’re walking and propel you forward.

Brooks Glycerin Stealth Fit

Award: Best workout shoes | Activity: All | Sizing: Women’s

Instead of a movable tongue, Brooks Glycerin Stealth Fit sneaker has a slip-on sock-like upper, allowing you to throw them on quickly without even needing to retie their laces.

“These were the shoes I reached for the most, which is saying something because I’m not usually a fan of a slip-on style,” says Godio. “They’re incredibly supportive and fit my feet like a glove.”

The shoe’s toe box is wide enough that Brown could comfortably spread her toes while wearing them, making her stride feel strong. She also says the sneaker has plush yet firm cushioning, which grounds her on runs and walks, plus supports her arches.

On Cloud x3

Award: Best workout shoe | Activity: All | Sizing: Men’s

“I had what you could best describe as a Cinderella moment when lacing these up for the first time,” says Bowman. “I found that the design of the shoe was so comfortable that it made the cushioning feel more impactful, and the sense of stability is immediately noticeable.”

The sneaker has a molded heel cap and a wide platform to support the feet, as well as a star-shaped lace pattern that wraps around the top of the feet and holds them in place. Its upper is made with three layers of mesh fabric, which Bowman finds breathable and temperature regulating. “It kept my feet dry during rainy days and they stayed warm in the cold,” he says. 


Quince Ultra-Form High-Rise Pocket Leggings

Award: Best leggings | Activity: All

These high-rise leggings are stretchy, quick drying and moisture-wicking, making them great for both all-day wear and low-impact workouts, according to our editors. The leggings also have a hidden back waistband pocket to fit smaller items like credit cards and keys, as well as a side pocket to store your phone while you’re on the move.

“The fit is very flattering — there’s not as much tummy control as some of the other leggings I tried, but it still creates a good silhouette,” says NBC Select social commerce editor Sadhana Daruvuri. “These are definitely lounging leggings that you can sit around in for hours.”

Reebok Lux High Rise Legging

Award: Best leggings | Activity: Running

Reebok’s leggings have a tight, compressive fit and a moisture-wicking fabric that makes them great for running or high-intensity exercises. Plus, its wide waistband helps create a flattering and secure fit, our testers say. “The band is thick and high-waisted, so it’s comfortable and sucks in my stomach, and it never slips down even during higher intensity workouts,” says Godio.

“These were very comfortable to move around in. They didn’t roll down while I was running or doing any activity,” says NBC Page Hannah Fuechtman. “Out of all the leggings I tried, these were the ones that stayed in place the most and felt the most durable,” she says.

Vuori Daily Legging

Award: Best leggings | Type: Everyday

These high-rise Vuori leggings have a joggers-style silhouette, complete with a drawstring to adjust the fit and ⅞-inch inseam. They’re buttery soft, stretchy and flexible, which makes them great for lounging, walking, yoga, pilates and barre. 

“I can move so freely in these leggings no matter what I’m doing, and they’re compressive enough to make me feel supported while running and lifting weights,” says Malin. “I look forward to wearing them while working out because they’re so reliable, and I want to wear them as athleisure too,” she says.

Spanx Booty Boost Active 7/8 Leggings

Award: Best leggings | Type: Compressive

Spanx’s leggings are the most shaping and compressive ones we tried, while also being comfortable, moisture-wicking and breathable.

“It’s so compressive that I honestly had a hard time putting them on the first time. But after moving around in the leggings for a few minutes, they loosen up,” says Malin, who likes compressive leggings for high impact activities like running. “I loved these [leggings] because I could put them on and not think about them or constantly adjust them while working out,” she says. They also have a hidden waistband pocket that fits a phone, wallet or keys. 

Sports Bra

Target Women’s Light Support V-Neck Crop Sports Bra

Award: Best sports bra | Activity: All

This soft v-neck light support bra doubles as a cropped top and has UPF 50+ sun protection. It’s made for everyday wear and comes in a variety of colorways, including black, cream and espresso. It’s available in sizes XXS to 4X and has a built-in bra for added support.

Fuechtman appreciates that she can wear this bra to perform a variety of activities, from low impact workouts to running. “It’s super comfortable all around and super supportive,” Fuechtman says. “I also love how it is a tank top that I can comfortably work out in without stares. I really recommend this one.”

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Award: Best sports bra | Sizing: Larger busts

This adjustable sports bra is designed to fit all cup sizes. It’s built with wire-free seamed cups and wide adjustable shoulder and back straps that provide adequate support for high impact workouts. Available in multiple colorways, including wine red and lavender, it also has a zipper to help prevent chafing. NBC Select senior social media editor Rosalie Sparaco, who is larger chested, compared the bra to armor and likes how every part of the bra is adjustable. Malin says this sports bra checks all her boxes in terms of style and coverage.

“It’s clearly designed for function first, which I appreciate. It doesn’t compromise function for style with any of the features,” Malin says. “If you have a larger chest and/or want no bounce, this is the kind of material that helps you achieve that.”

“I’ve never seen a bra like that before,” Sparaco says. “It’s great. I’m a sweaty, sweaty lady, especially under my chest and this bra didn’t make it feel worse, which is what I look for.”

Brooks 3-Pocket Sports Bra

Award: Best sports bra | Activity: Running

This high-coverage compressive sports bra is great for running and keeping cool; it has removable cups and a wide, supportive back band below the additional pocket specifically made for storing your phone, which is unlike anything NBC Select production coordinator Kelsey Fredricks has worn before. “This bra fits me so well and holds me in place. I feel very comfortable wearing this and it’s become my go-to running bra,” Fredricks, who is larger chested, says. “It’s incredibly bounce-free and perfect for any high intensity workout.”

This bra is also Malin’s top pick for high-impact workouts, including hot yoga, dance cardio classes and running. “The high neckline offers so much coverage, and it eliminates bounce along with the compressive fabric,” Malin says. “The straps lay flat against my skin and there are no pieces that dig in or cause chafing. Overall, I was very comfortable while wearing the bra.”

Girlfriend Collective Tommy Cropped Bra

Award: Best sports bra | Activity: Low impact

Girlfriend Collective’s cropped built-in support bra is a great fit for various low to medium activities, from walking on a folding treadmill to biking and more. This bra has a square neckline and low square back design and comes in multiple colorways, including moss and ivory. Godio finds the bra’s scoop neck “super flattering” and appreciates that it doesn’t shift upward or squeeze her skin during workouts.

“The length of the bra is great and it has a very thick material, so it feels durable and never slipped off of my shoulders or felt uncomfortable throughout the workout,” Godio says.


Bombas All-Purpose Performance Ankle Socks

Award: Best socks

“Once you go Bombas, you never go back,” says Malin. “They reliably cushion my feet regardless of what shoe I’m wearing or what type of activity I’m doing, so I can throw them on without thinking.”

The socks are available in men’s and women’s sizes, and they’re made from a blend of polyester, nylon, cotton and elastane, materials that create a breathable and sweat-wicking feel, according to our testers.

“The ankle length is long enough so the socks never slip off and down my heel, and their quality never changes after I wash them,” says Godio. “I have several pairs that I rotate through during the week, and I have a hard time using other brands’ socks because I’m a Bombas fan for life.”

Feetures Graduated Compression Light Cushion Knee High Socks

Award: Best socks | Type: Compression

Some compression socks are so tight that they’re challenging to put on and take off, but not these, says Rabinowitz. The knee-high socks come in men’s and women’s sizes, and they offer 15 to 20 mmHg of compression at the ankle, which is a moderate amount of pressure, according to experts. They’re also lightly cushioned, made from nylon and spandex, and labeled “right” or “left” to fit specific feet.

“I have really poor circulation and actually felt like I was having better blood flow from my legs when wearing these,” says Rodriguez. “I wore these on a four-hour flight to Puerto Rico and they didn’t bother me once.”

Doublesoul Quarter Grip Sock

Award: Best socks | Type: Grippy

Grippy socks are an essential part of any outfit if you’re doing a barre or Pilates class, especially if you’re using a Pilates reformer. Our testers like Doublesoul’s Quarter Grip Socks best because they hit a few inches above the ankles, which helps keep them in place while exercising. “I felt like I could root my feet into place on the reformer while wearing these socks during Pilates, so I never worried about slipping,” says Malin. “The material is cushioned and soft against my skin, and it never made my feet hot. The grippy bottoms didn’t not lose their stick when I washed them multiple times, which I’m impressed by.” You can buy these grippy socks in four sizes — they fit men’s and women’s feet.

NBC Select Best of Wellness self care winners

Dental care

Colgate Total Plaque Pro-Release Toothpaste  

Award: Best toothpaste

Malin says that this toothpaste leaves her “feeling the most clean” after her morning and evening brushing. She likes that “the paste turns into a thicker lather as she brushes”, which makes the small dot of toothpaste that she uses go a long way.

It’s designed to fight cavities and gingivitis, while also reducing plaque buildup and bad breath. After two weeks of daily brushing, it provides 24 hours of antibacterial protection for your smile, according to the brand. It’s also gluten- and sugar-free.

Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste 

Award: Best toothpaste | Type: Sensitivity

Pronamel's Gentle Whitening toothpaste provides the cavity protection and fresh breath that most toothpastes are formulated to give, while also providing relief to brushers with sensitive teeth. Fredricks says that the toothpaste “visibly whitened her teeth after just one use and left [her] mouth feeling clean and refreshed”. 

The toothpaste also specifically targets the protection of your tooth enamel against acid erosion, which can wear away your teeth over time. After using the toothpaste, Bowman says that his teeth “felt less sensitive to cold drinks especially”.

Waterpik Sensonic Electric Toothbrush 

Award: Best toothbrush | Type: Electric

This electric toothbrush has soft bristles and three brushing modes — clean, stain removal and gum care.  It has an ergonomic handle that helps to reduce any slipping while brushing, and is designed to be lightweight and quiet while brushing, according to the brand. You can time your brushes using the built-in two minute timer, which also has a 30-second pacer. It also comes with a toothbrush travel case, which Night loves for easy transport.

Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush

Award: Best toothbrush | Type: Manual

This 2023 Wellness Award winner held its spot for 2024 by continuing to cover all of the bases for a manual toothbrush. It has a textured handle for better grip, and is available in soft, medium or firm bristle firmness. It’s designed to properly clean hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, which Swanson confirms — she says that she feels she’s able to  “really get those far back spots” when she uses this while brushing. 

Oral B io Series 10 Electric Toothbrush

Award: Best toothbrush | Price: Splurge

Ginsberg, who’s never been a fan of electric toothbrushes, loves this toothbrush for its extensive custom settings and features. It has seven smart cleaning modes, along with a pressure sensor that indicates when you’re brushing too hard.

The brush also comes with a number of accessories, including four replacement brush heads, a smart charging stand and a charging travel case. It can be paired with the free Oral-B app for personalized brushing feedback and dental goal-setting.

Marvis Mouthwash

Award: Best mouthwash

This mint-flavored mouthwash from Marvis kills germs and bacteria, and after she uses it, Fuechtman, says her teeth feel squeaky clean. It’s a mouthwash concentrate, so you can water it down to make it however strong you prefer — Fuechtman appreciates this since she finds the taste of most mouthwashes overwhelming.

Marvis’ mouthwash comes in a decorative glass bottle that gives it an elevated look, so Fuechtman doesn’t mind leaving it out in her bathroom.

Cocofloss Floss

Award: Best floss | Category: Standard

This floss is infused with antimicrobial coconut oil to soothe gums and made with vegan wax for extra slip. Bowman says that because the CocoFloss is thicker than a typical plastic floss, it was able to scrape out plaque and food very easily. It comes in 15 flavors, including Delicious Mint, Pure Strawberry and Unscented. 

“Another thing I loved about the CocoFloss was the gentleness of the fibers unlike normal plastic floss which can scrape against your gums,” Bowman says.

Flaus Electric Flosser

Award: Best floss | Category: Electric

This waterproof electric flosser from Flaus uses sonic vibrations to remove plaque and debris between tight teeth. It has a soft-touch handle that is long enough to easily reach the teeth in the back of the mouth, according to Daruvuri. It has three modes of intensity to choose from depending on your flossing needs and comes with 45 mint floss heads.

Quip Flosser

Award: Best floss | Category: Floss pick

This refillable floss pick from Quip comes with a compact, mirrored dispensing case that contains the equivalent of 180 disposable picks per refill. Simply press a button to clamp onto the floss in the dispenser, and push down  the top of the floss pick to cut and remove the floss. 

“I have used disposable floss picks for years, as I prefer them over typical string floss, but now I will never go back to them again,” says Fuechtman. “From a sustainability perspective, the Quip Refillable Floss Pick helps save 3 months worth of floss picks, and it has a super user-friendly design.”

Skin care

Harry’s Body Wash

Award: Best body wash | Skin type: All

This citrus-scented body wash cleanses your skin while also leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.

While it’s free of common irritants like artificial dyes, our Best of Wellness winner smells like bergamot and yuzu with hints of charcoal. “It wasn’t overpowering or too aggressive, just enough of a scent to feel good after my shower,” says Bowman. The body wash is available in five additional scents.

Aveeno Oat Body Wash

Award: Best body | Skin type: Sensitive

Aveeno’s Daily Body Wash creamy formula includes ingredients like glycerin and prebiotic oats to gently cleanse and maintain your skin’s moisture barrier, leaving it feeling hydrated, smooth and soft post-shower, according to the brand. Formulated without sulfates, dyes, parabens, and soaps, this option is suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin

“I love that it feels like I’m almost applying a moisturizer due to its thick consistency, so it feels great on my dry, sensitive skin, especially in the winter,” says Godio. “It cleansed my skin without feeling heavy or drying and I also love how easy it is to lather, so I don’t have to use too much product.”

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 

Award: Best face cleanser | Skin type: Dry

This creamy, unscented cleanser gently removes dirt, impurities, and makeup while providing hydration with ingredients like glycerin and panthenol, according to the brand. While it’s safe for daily use on all skin types, Godio says this is especially great for her sensitive skin. “It’s gentle enough to not cause irritation and hydrating enough to leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized,” she says. “It also doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils or leave a tight, uncomfortable feeling.” 

It’s also formulated with niacinamide (another gentle and hydrating ingredient), which causes Daruvuri to notice that the common redness she sees on her chin is reduced when she uses this cleanser because the key ingredient helps combat discoloration.

Youth to the People Superfood Gentle Cleanser

Award: Best face cleanser | Skin type: Combination

Youth to the People’s face wash is chocked full of antioxidants. “Even after a single use, I felt like my skin was noticeably brighter and healthier-looking,” says Night. 

The gel-to-foam cleanser is made for daily use for those with combination but is also great for those with normal, dry and oily-prone skin individuals who are looking to cleanse their skin and combat pores and blemishes. “This removes my makeup, leaves my skin soft and clean, makes my skin look more youthful and helps keep me acne-free,” says Fredricks.

RoC Skincare Barrier Renew Gel-to-Foam Cleanser

Award: Best face cleanser | Skin type: Oily

RoC’s gel-to-foam cleanser has ceramides, green tea and glycerin to provide your skin with a deep cleanse (involving removing excess oil and dirt and minimizing pores) while still maintaining and protecting your skin barrier, according to the brand.  “Overall, this is a very lightweight, basic, gentle cleanser and I love that it’s super reliable no matter what condition my sensitive skin is in,” says Malin, who also has oily skin.

This option, which has the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance, is made without common irritants like fragrances and is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores, according to RoC. 

Farmacy Clearly Clean Cleansing Balm 

Award: Best face cleanser | Category: Balm

If you’re looking to incorporate double cleansing into your skin care routine, Farmacy makes some of our favorite cleansing balms, including this winning option. The fragrance-free solid balm is soft to the touch and melts into your skin when applied, according to Fuechtman. “This balm is so lightweight, non-greasy, and is able to take even some of the most stubborn makeup off my face,” she says.

Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream 

Award: Best facial moisturizer

One of our favorite moisturizers for dry skin, this Cetaphil cream has ingredients like niacinamide, glycerin and panthenol to help soothe and hydrate sensitive skin. Our testers found that this moisturizer worked well on both the face and body. Since it’s a thicker cream, the brand recommends using it at night.

“Even though this cream is definitely one of the thicker moisturizers I’ve tried, it absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn’t leave behind a sticky, greasy residue like many others do,” says Godio. “I also have super sensitive skin, and this one doesn’t irritate it at all.”

Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer 

Award: Best facial moisturizer | Skin type: Combination

This Tata Harper facial moisturizer is great for combination skin since it’s both lightweight and has key hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. It also doubles as a primer to help makeup go on smoothly and stay on throughout the day. Plus, our reviewers found the light citrus scent pleasant and not too overpowering. 

“This moisturizer smelled great and kept my skin smooth and moisturized throughout the night — it didn’t feel like it just disappeared on my skin after a few minutes,” says Fernandez. 

Belif Aqua Bomb True Cream  

Award: Best facial moisturizer | Skin type: Oily

Belif’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb feels refreshing and hydrates the skin within seconds, according to our reviewers. “It’s almost like putting on aloe vera, it’s very cooling and moisturizing,” says CNBC Select associate reporter Andreina Rodriguez. It has hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, and has a lightweight gel consistency, which absorbs quickly into the skin.

“This was a product that I kept returning too — I like the way my skin feels hydrated after applying it, and it spreads evenly throughout my entire face,” says Bowman. 

Vaseline Radiant x Deep Nourishment Body Lotion

Award: Best body moisturizer

This Vaseline body lotion has a thick, creamy consistency that helps hydrate and soften the skin without leaving a greasy, sticky or uncomfortable residue.  It has key hydrating ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, plus it’s noncomedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores and is safe for sensitive skin. Its light, coconut scent is also pleasant and not too overpowering, according to our reviewers. 

“The hydration I got from the lotion lasted all day, and I didn’t feel like I needed to reapply it all the time,” says NBC Page Alexa Casanueva. “It applies thicker than other lotions I tried, but still doesn’t feel too heavy."

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