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7 durable umbrellas that'll actually keep you dry

We’ve compiled the best umbrellas to help keep you dry all year long.
Mother and child, wearing yellow rain jackets and holding a clear umbrella, outside in a forest patThese are the 6 best umbrellas of 2021 to keep you dry all spring. Shop the best classic umbrellas, windproof umbrellas, reverse opening umbrellas and more.
Shop the best umbrellas from Repel, Balios and Totes for upcoming rainy days.Getty Images

If you’re gearing up to spend more time outside, you’ll likely need to be prepared to avoid rain-soaked clothes, shoes and items — and that means putting on your favorite pair of rain boots and getting into the habit of storing a quality umbrella wherever you can reach it (cars, purses and work desks, to name a few). Affordable, flimsy umbrellas from your local drugstore can temporarily do the job while you’re trudging through the rain, but you run the risk of it breaking or flipping during especially capricious weather. To help you avoid discarding your umbrella within a few months, we highlighted some top-rated and Select staff-recommended umbrellas to keep you dry this year.

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Our top picks

How we picked the best umbrellas

While umbrellas have one job — keeping you as dry as possible — there are plenty of other qualities that help an umbrella stand out. Below, we gathered what to keep in mind when shopping for a new umbrella, based on Select staff experiences.

  • Size: Larger umbrellas, like golf and stick umbrellas, are best for extra coverage, but they can be a pain to lug around all day. Compact umbrellas — which usually fold down to under 12 inches and can be stored in a sleeve — are great to throw into a purse or backpack for upcoming storms.
  • Opening style: You can choose between an umbrella that you can push open manually or one that automatically opens when you press a button. While manual umbrellas are typically more lightweight, automatic options are more convenient to open when you have your hands full or need to open it quickly.
  • Durability: Finding last-minute tears or battling an umbrella that continuously flips inside out can sometimes be worse than the rain itself. The durability of the umbrella’s canopy and stretchers will dictate how it holds up in heavy wind and rain (steel or fiberglass frames are ideal).
  • Appearance: With a variety of styles, patterns and colors on the market, including basic black umbrellas, vibrant yellows and oranges, kid-friendly prints and see-through options, you may want to consider what reflects your own personality and style.

The best umbrellas to consider

To help you navigate the many umbrellas on the market today, we compiled a roundup of Select staff favorites and highly rated options we feel are worth considering.

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

This lightweight, compact, travel-friendly umbrella from Repel folds down into an included sleeve and weighs less than 1 pound. “This is a great one as far as portability goes, and it’s very sturdy — I think some small folding umbrellas can feel flimsy, but this one doesn’t,” says Select associate updates editor Zoe Malin. It comes with a large canopy and a teflon-coated top to best repel water. While the brand boasts durability with a double-vented canopy and sturdy ribs, Repel does offer a lifetime replacement policy just in case. It comes in five colors and patterns, including slate blue, pink and pin-striped.

Size: 42-inch canopy; 11.5 inches long when closed | Opening style: Automatic | Weight: 0.94 pounds

Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

Totes is a popular option among our Select staff. The largest option on this list, Totes’ Bubble Umbrella has an oversized dome shape that provides extra coverage for your upper body. It’s transparent, so you can see exactly where you’re walking. “This is my absolute favorite umbrella. The dome shape shields more of your body, and it literally acts like a wind blocker,” Malin says. Totes also sells a rainbow polka-dotted version of its bubble umbrella and multiple kids’ options with easy-grip handles and fun designs.

Size: 52-inch canopy; 37 inches long when closed | Opening style: Manual | Weight: 1.15 pounds

Amazon Basics Automatic Travel Small Compact Umbrella

I usually stick to more affordable umbrellas from my local convenience store. Earlier this year, I upgraded to this simple yet durable option from Amazon Basics, and so far it’s worked great. I love that it folds down into a compact size and fits easily into the included sleeve, so I can throw it into my bag and take it on-the-go. The umbrella’s frame is constructed from alloy steel, making it a durable option. It also comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, navy and green.

Size: 38-inch canopy; 11 inches long when closed | Opening style: Automatic | Weight: 0.87 pounds

Balios Folding Double Canopy Umbrella

As its name suggests, this folding umbrella from Balios has a vented double canopy, meaning there are vents on its top layer that allows strong winds to flow through the umbrella — ultimately reducing its chances of flipping, according to the brand. The frame is made from fiberglass for durability, and its wooden handle adds a touch of elegance. It comes in nine color options, including black to a vibrant yellow. It’s also highly rated, boasting a 4.6-star average rating from over 4,300 reviews on Amazon.

Size: 39.4-inch canopy; 13.75 inches long when closed | Opening style: Automatic | Weight: 0.85 pounds

Totes Auto Open and Close Umbrella

Select reporter Harry Rabinowitz likes this umbrella from Totes because it’s “simple, auto-opens and has a compact design that fits easily in bags and backpacks, yet it’s big enough to cover you from 90% of rain.” The umbrella is built with a durable metal frame, and the umbrella itself is backed by Totes’ lifetime warranty (if it breaks, you can return it to the brand’s warranty center).

Size: 43-inch canopy; 11 inches long when closed | Opening style: Automatic | Weight: 0.74 pounds

Weatherman Travel Umbrella

This Weatherman umbrella is built with fiberglass ribs and shaft and designed to withstand winds up to 45 mph, according to the brand. Weatherman offers a lifetime guarantee in case your umbrella has a defect or malfunction, but it doesn’t cover natural wear and tear or damages caused by improper care, according to Weatherman. The umbrella — which has a 4.5-star average rating from over 300 reviews on Amazon — comes in a dozen different colors, including purple, orange, red and green.

Size: 38-inch canopy; 12 inches long when closed | Opening style: Automatic | Weight: 1 pound

Davek Elite Umbrella

If you’re willing to shell out extra money for a good-quality option, this luxury stick umbrella — which is highly rated with a 4.7-star average rating from over 90 reviews on Amazon — has a durable frame system composed of steel, fiberglass, zinc alloy and aluminum that combats wind tension and avoids flipping, according to the brand. The Davek Elite also comes with a genuine leather handle for comfort that can provide a good grip for tougher storms. Davek also offers an unconditional lifetime warranty if your umbrella breaks for any reason, as well as loss protection that gets you up to 50% off one replacement. If you’re looking for a compact option that’s more affordable, the automatic Davek Solo Umbrella is another highly rated option worth considering.

Size: 44-inch canopy; 35 inches long when closed | Opening style: Manual | Weight: 1.55 pounds

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