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Casper launches new cooling collection: What you need to know

Casper introduced cooling mattresses, sheets, duvets and a mattress protector.
Illustration of a couple sleeping on their new Casper cooling mattress and a hand pressing down on the bare mattress
Here’s everything to know about Casper’s new Cooling Collection, which includes mattresses and more designed for hot sleepers. Courtesy Casper

Casper’s new Cooling Collection features seven new sleep products all designed with hot sleepers in mind — two mattresses, three lightweight duvets, a breathable set of sheets and mattress protector. While the Hyperlite Sheets and Breathable Mattress Protector are completely new, the mattresses and duvets are cooler or lighter versions of products Casper currently carries. It’s the first collection of its kind from the bedding brand — this latest launch is the first one since last August, when it debuted the Repose and Haven bed frames, according to a company spokesperson. And if you’re a hot sleeper, experts we previously spoke to about cooling mattresses recommended looking for bedding that specifically says it’s breathable to improve how you sleep at night.

Since Casper is known for its mattresses, the two new mattresses are particularly noteworthy. The new Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress and Nova Hybrid Snow Mattress are updated models of the Wave Hybrid Mattress and Nova Snow Mattress respectively. These mattresses use what the company calls “Snow Technology,” which offers temperature regulation and an overall more cooling sleep than the original mattresses do through graphite HeatDelete Bands and a QuickCool Cover for a cool-to-the-touch top layer. Whereas the Nova Hybrid has no cooling gel, the Nova Hybrid Snow does and the Wave Hybrid Snow features 50 percent more cooling gel than the Wave Hybrid, Casper’s product design team told us.

Every product is meant to “pull heat away from underneath the body” in order to keep sleepers cool throughout the night, according to a press release announcing the launch. It seems other bed-in-a-box brands have had the same idea in recent years, too — Tuft & Needle, Brooklinen and Parachute also carry bedding designed to be cooling, ranging from foam pillows to linen and percale sheets.

Everything in Casper’s new Cooling Collection

Here are all the new products in Casper’s Cooling Collection. While not new, Casper also includes its Foam Pillow and Down Pillow as part of the collection. The products come in the standard sizes, along with sizes Twin XL and California King. The line is currently available both online and in Casper retail stores (you can check to see if there’s one near you here). There are plans to offer the collection at several retailers that carry Casper (the brand counts Amazon and Target as partners) but didn’t announce which ones will sell its collection yet.

Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

Whereas the Wave Hybrid Mattress starts at $1,595 for a twin, the added Snow Technology in the new model adds $500 to the price tag of each size. The mattress employs what the company describes as a QuickCool Cover, which is made from more than 100 recycled water bottles, and HeatDelete Bands to keep sleepers cool. It also features three layers of breathable foam that’s supposed to let heat and humidity from your body flow away. For support, one layer of the mattress includes gel pods to keep the spine aligned no matter the position you sleep in. The last layer features springs for a little lift.

Nova Hybrid Snow Mattress

As with the Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress, the Nova Hybrid Snow Mattress is made with the same Snow Technology — which is also $500 more than the original Nova Hybrid goes for. This model features two layers of perforated foam — this is designed to let air flow out of the mattress — with the top of these two coated with a cooling gel. This cooling gel is unique to the Nova Hybrid Snow, as the original Nova Hybrid doesn’t have it. In terms of support, this mattress is designed with softer foam where shoulders would be and ergonomic support to the hips, waist and lower back, according to the brand.

Hyperlite Sheets

Casper describes these sheets as its “coolest” yet. The brand already offers both percale and sateen sheets. The 200 thread count Hyperlite Sheets are completely made from Tencel Lyocell (this fabric is made from wood), which has been designed with a grid pattern that’s supposed to promote airflow and breathability, according to the brand. The sheets come in five colors: Indigo, Dusty Rose, White, Gray and Fog Blue. You can choose what’s included in the set — including getting just the set (two pillowcases, one flat and one fitted sheet), one duvet cover or the set with the duvet cover.

Breathable Mattress Protector

Like Casper’s Waterproof Mattress Protector, the Breathable Mattress Protector is meant to protect from normal wear and tear. While the waterproof version is specifically designed to shield against spills, this mattress protector has a water-resistant finish. For cooling, it features a spacer knit design that allows air to flow between you and your mattress.

Lightweight Down Alternative Duvet

Before this collection, the brand’s Down Alternative Duvet defaulted to a mid-weight. But now you have another option to choose from: Lightweight. In terms of material, the options are similar — both have a shell from Tencel Lyocell, which the brand says is both breathable and durable, and a polyester fiberfill made from water bottles. The Lightweight design is meant to provide humidity and temperature control, according to the press release.

Lightweight Down Duvet

Similar to the Down Alternative Duvet, Casper’s Down Duvet was previously only available in Mid-Weight. Now you can choose a Lightweight version, which is also meant to be comfortable year-round but especially in hotter months and provide cooling temperature control, according to Casper. The duvet features a cotton shell and what the brand claims is ethically sourced down (down refers to feathers from geese or ducks).

Lightweight Humidity Fighting Duvet

This duvet, which was formerly only offered in Mid-Weight, is now also available in Lightweight. This lightweight version also includes the new temperature control features that the Lightweight Down and Down Alternative Duvets have. What makes the Humidity Fighting Duvet different from Casper’s other duvets is an added layer of merino wool. Casper says this fabric is meant to help wick away moisture. This duvet has a down filling, too.

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