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Why I love the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress

Casper’s Wave Hybrid keeps me cool, comfortable and centered — it has completely changed the way I sleep.
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We spend as much as a third of our lives sleeping — finding a quality mattress can be impactful on quality of sleep. The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress checked off all of my boxes, and then some.Adam Kuylenstierna / Getty Images/EyeEm

I admit it. There's only one thing that I love more than sleep: my bed. This sacred, happy place sets the stage for my blissful snooze and I'd spend way more hours a day in it than what’s socially acceptable if I were able to. But for someone who is so passionate about power naps and early bedtimes, I'm not a great sleeper. Between general anxiety — and the now added stresses around coronavirus — I could easily spend hours tossing and turning or being woken up thanks to night sweats.

I know it’s important to invest in a quality mattress considering that we spend as much as a third of our lives sleeping, or trying to do so, but I didn’t realize just how impactful an upgrade in the bed department would be. Around the time that the COVID-19 outbreak began dominating the news and social distancing was becoming the norm, I had another change to my daily routine: I fell hopelessly in love with the Casper Wave Hybrid. Yes, my bed sometimes shifts into an office or binge-watching paradise during these endless weeks of stay-at-home orders — it was great to have something new.

Working from a coffee table instead of an ideal ergonomic workspace, the Wave gave my body the extra love it so desperately needed.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

This mattress has completely changed the way I sleep. I didn’t initially realize there was anything wrong with the memory foam topper and trusty mattress underneath it that have been my safe place for the last seven (ish) years. Then this glorified mattress-in-a-box was delivered to my door and I had the pleasure of seeing just how much better my nights could be.

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Shopping for a mattress online

Shopping online can be intimidating, especially for a mattress. Given the realities of the moment, however, it makes the most sense for many purchases, including mattresses.

Instead of going into a crowded store and testing out models that have been intimate with countless other bodies, Casper has been offering its customers a streamlined, virtual shopping experience well before the pandemic shut down stores across the country. If you don’t like the option that you picked, Casper gives you 100 days to test it out and will pick it up if you have second thoughts or want to try out a different model. That process takes a lot of the pressure off of this online investment.

Why I love Casper’s Wave Hybrid Mattress

Although I look like what many would consider a healthy young adult, don’t let appearances fool you. I experience aches and pains frequently so I was skeptical whether a new mattress could ease some of my daily discomfort — especially while I’m cooped up more than ever before. Working from a coffee table instead of an ideal ergonomic workspace, the Wave gave my body the extra love it so desperately needed.

It kept me cool all night. As someone who runs hot to begin with — and lucky enough to share the bed with a human furnace — waking up drenched in sweat is something I’d gotten used to dealing with. The Wave Hybrid’s temperature management makes a noticeable difference. There are two features that work together:

  • Perforations, or “chimney”-like holes, punched in the top three foam layers are designed to suck in hot air and channel it away from the body, making both the material and design more breathable.
  • A cooling coating added to the mattress’s core equips tiny wax beads. When my body heats them up, the wax melts in the self-contained beads, pulling the heat away from me. The material changes from solid to liquid as it draws the higher temperature and stores it until I roll away, when it releases the heat and solidifies again.

The Casper Wave Hybrid fits the different parts of my body. The mattress was designed with firm “ergonomic zones” in mind to help to pinpoint supportive areas and minimize body aches. These strategically placed gel pods are built into the mattress under my back and lower waist to keep those areas firmer.

  • This allows the mattress to conform to the curvature of my body while targeting support under my hips, waist and shoulders to help keep my spine neutrally aligned as I shift between back and side sleeping.
  • It also helps prevent my hips or shoulders from sinking and slightly curving my spine out of whack, which means I stay comfortable for longer stretches throughout the night.

The mattress is supportive without sinking. Unlike traditional memory foam that gives cloud-like support but might pull you in, I found the Casper Wave is a livelier option.

  • It combines the best of both worlds, pairing foam layers with an inner-spring base to give some bounce for activities instead of mitigating all movement.
  • This added springiness is much be appreciated during activities including working on the laptop, endless hours of binge-watching and more physical nighttime activities.

Casper is working to get more sustainable. Not only are its mattress made from upcycled materials — Casper itself is working to give back.

  • The Wave, in particular, features a mattress cover made from 121 recycled bottles and some of its internal layers incorporate upcycled cotton as well as recycled polyester.
  • Casper has donated 5,000 sheets to the New York City healthcare community during the coronavirus pandemic and, on a larger scale, has donated over 700,000 products to those in need. Casper has given mattresses to shelters while collaborating with programs including A Sense of Home, International Rescue Committee and animal rescue outfit Badass Brooklyn.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress specs, put simply:

  • The mattress is made up of five main layers: three layers on top for comfort made from softer foams and two lower layers with gel pods and springs for better support and ergonomic design.
  • There’s a cooling gel coating and “airscape” cutouts in the foam for increased temperature management.
  • It’s available in sizes from Twin to California King, its weight ranging from 70 to 145 pounds.
  • It’s a hybrid mattress, meaning it combines the benefits of both memory foam and spring designs through a base of foam-encased springs.
  • All foams used throughout are certified by the CertiPUR-US program and made with ozone-friendly chemicals free from mercury, lead, and heavy metals.
  • It arrives via no-contact delivery that’s free.
  • It comes with a ten-year limited warranty and a 100-day easy return policy.

Which Casper model should you get?

These sophisticated mattresses are an investment but sleep is often regarded as worth the investment. In addition to the Wave Hybrid I love, their other models range to fit different price points and preferences.

1. Nova Hybrid

Similar to the Wave Hybrid, this model also has a focus on reducing body heat and increasing airflow. This is a plushier-feeling option for those who want something a bit less on the firm side. It also has the zoned support for pressure relief and comes in both foam or hybrid styles.

2. Original

This is the standard, beloved model that Casper built its brand on and is the most popular option. With the targeted support to relieve pressure under the shoulders, hips and lower back, it provides balanced support. It comes in foam or hybrid.

3. Element

This is a more affordable and streamlined option. It still features the perforated foam for increased cooling and has a foam base.

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