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Our editors spent $5,860 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday — here's what our expert shoppers are buying

From Christmas gifts to home essentials and more, our staff snagged cyber week deals just like you. Here’s what we purchased.
This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, our editors bought new running sneakers, cookware, tech gifts for loved ones and more.
This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, our editors bought new running sneakers, cookware, tech gifts for loved ones and more. Target; Lululemon; Our Place

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the busiest shopping events of the year. With online shopping growing more popular, the two retail holidays blur together into one, long, four-day event of deals and discounts from Friday to Monday. Here at Select, we spent hours scouring all your favorite retailers and brands for the best deals to make your shopping experience easier, but we also did a little shopping of our own. During breaks from article writing and deal hunting, 12 of our staff members shared that they spent a combined $5,860 on holiday gifts (for ourselves and others), wedding preparation essentials, apartment necessities and more.

Some of our staff purchased tried and true favorites that needed replacing, like beloved Lululemon running sneakers or perfume. Others bought new items like hydroponic gardens or pet cameras. Nearly all of us purchased the Yeti Rambler (hopefully in different colors). Below, we’ve rounded up 24 of all the different products we purchased this week that we’re the most excited about.

Editors’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Picks

23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service

“My mom and her sister don’t know much about their family history, so my brother and I thought it would be fun to get them each this 23andMe kit for Christmas. Another family member of mine (who was adopted) actually found her birth mother through the site, so I’m really excited to see what they discover.” Zoe Malin, associate updates editor

Kalorik MAXX 10-in-1 Air Fryer

“After spending days rounding up the best air fryer deals for readers, I felt as though I were a pro on the topic. My daughter had wanted an air fryer, but I was hesitant to buy another kitchen gadget my family would never use. Once I learned through my cyber week reporting, that an air fryer can provide a healthier alternative to traditional fried cooking and could possibly encourage our kids to cook, I was sold. I bought the Kalorik MAXX 10-in-1 because I have a large household and its 26-quart capacity can cook an entire rotisserie chicken. I also love making dried fruit to put in drinks, so the Kalorik will be ideal.” Barbara Booth, contributing writer and editor

Lululemon Blissfeel Sneakers

“I bought these sneakers when they first launched in March and have since run them into the ground (literally). When I saw they were on sale, I couldn’t resist getting a new pair. They’re lightweight yet supportive, and great for running outdoors or on the treadmill.” Zoe Malin, associate updates editor

Apple iPad 10.2-inch Wi-Fi (2021, 9th generation)

“My brother and I bought this iPad for my mother's Christmas present. My Mom is an iPad loyalist and has used the same iPad since 2017 to watch most of her movies and TV shows. We wanted to treat her to a bigger screen and clearer display, so we opted for the 10.2-inch 9th generation option, which also has up to 10 hours of battery life and can work with an Apple Pencil too.” Katrina Liu, digital editorial intern

Casper Original Pillow

“We recommend Casper products in several of our guides, including our favorite mattresses and cooling pillows. In need of a new pillow and already a proud owner of Casper’s Glow Light and Wave Hybrid Mattress, I jumped at their Original Pillow when I saw it was on sale. The pillow is machine-washable and includes a breathable cotton cover, according to the brand. It’s designed with a 2-inch gusset, which Casper says is an extra piece of material that gives the pillow more structure.” Mili Godio, associate reporter

Google Nest Thermostat

“I just moved into a house from an apartment, and our first heating bill gave me sticker shock. I knew I needed to invest in a smart thermostat that would adjust heating and cooling automatically, saving me both money and any hassle. Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat does just that. The device can identify when no one is home and switch to Eco mode, and owning the device entitles us to a discount from our gas and electric company through a rewards program.” Deanna Pai, contributing writer and editor

Aerogarden Harvest

“My parents own an Aerorgarden hydroponic garden and they love it. Seeing as my new year’s resolution for 2023 is to eat healthier, I’m hoping always having fresh herbs at my fingertips will help.” Sadhana Daruvuri, social media editor

Our Place Home Cook Duo

In addition to the AeroGarden, I also bought the Home Cook Duo and oven pan from Our place to aid in my healthy eating efforts. Several Select staffers have raved about their kitchenware from Our Place, so I decided to give the brand a try. I love the cookware’s eye-pleasing design and the fact that their products are multifunctional, so I can do most of my cooking with just these three pieces of cookware.” Sadhana Daruvuri, social media editor

Furbo Dog Camera

“Although my partner and I always hire a sitter for our cats when we’re on vacation, I wanted to be able to keep an eye on my pets myself as well, so I decided to get the Furbo dog camera. Not only will I be able to check in on my cats (Enzo and Luna) but I can also dispense treats for them, which helps me feel close to them even from afar.” Rebecca Rodriguez, editorial operations associate

Yeti 20-ounce Rambler

“One of my biggest pet peeves is hot coffee gone cold. In the past, I’ve tried a Mr. Coffee mug warmer, which many people love, but it didn't keep my coffee as hot as I would have liked and having to plug it in felt inconvenient. I have been eyeing the $130 Ember Mug, which associate reporter Mili Godio loves, but I'm not quite ready to spend that much on my coffee. So a quality, insulated cup like the Yeti tumbler seemed like a good next step. The tumbler comes highly recommended by associate updates editors Zoe Malin and others, so I'm super excited to try it.” Leah Ginsberg, managing editor

OFFLINE By Aerie Real Me High Waisted Crossover Legging

“These are the best basic black leggings I’ve ever owned and since they were on sale I bought three more pairs. I wear them everywhere — to work, to the gym, to run errands or to sit on my couch for eight straight hours binging ‘The Crown’.” — Zoe Malin, associate updates editor

Wish Island Animal Crew Socks

“I have twin brothers that turn 12 in January and every year, I get them a pair of silly socks. One year, I purchased ones with pizza on them. Another year, it was astronauts. This year, I went with these animal-themed crew socks from Wish Island since my brothers are more interested in FaceTiming my cat than me.” Lauren Swanson, editorial director

Unlit Slim Alberta Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

“I bought this artificial Christmas tree since our family's old beloved (fake) tree finally had to be tossed. Artificial trees may not be as "festive" but they require far less cleanup and maintenance. I opted for this unlit tree from Slim Alberta because we’re a family that finds putting on the lights to be half the fun of decorating our tree.” Katrina Liu, digital editorial intern

Arctic Zone Titan 36-Can Cooler

“Although it won’t be beach season anytime soon in New York, I bought one of my beach-loving giftees this highly rated Arctic Zone cooler that we recommended in our guide to coolers. I like that this cooler has a sturdy table top lid with four cup holders and a bottom that looks easy to wipe sand off of. The brand says the cooler has three layers of foam to separate the cold contents from the hot ground, which will keep your drinks and snacks cold for longer. Plus, it has a leak-proof liner — which is definitely a bonus in my book.” Gabriella DePinho, production coordinator

Anker Life P3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds

"Anker is a solid brand, and I use a different pair of earbuds that are Soundcore by Anker, which I've been really happy with for the under $100 price. This version has good ratings on Amazon and they were 30% off (still are, last time I checked), so I thought they'd make a good gift." Leah Ginsberg, managing editor

Eribagz Drawstring Gift Bags

“I started buying these reusable gift bags every few years instead of purchasing wrapping paper that just gets tossed in the trash. Now, when I wrap my gift in one of these, my family re-uses the bag the following year. I'm aiming for a reduced waste holiday.” — Lauren Swanson, editorial director

Cuisinart Griddler Grill & Panini Press

“I’ve always preferred a pressed sandwich over a cold one, but never had the right appliance to make one in my own kitchen. After too many unsuccessful attempts in my air fryer, I finally decided this Black Friday to invest in a highly-rated panini press, like this one from Cuisinart. The Cuisinart Griddler Grill & Panini Press can be used as a grill, flat top or a combination of the two using its removable non-stick cooking plates, according to the brand. It has separate temperature controls that let you set it to specific degrees. It also comes with a dishwasher-safe scraping tool for easy clean-up, says Cuisinart” Mili Godio, associate reporter

Dagne Dover Hunter Toiletry Bag

“I bought this cute toiletry bag that looks roomy. I like that Dagne Dover is a women-owned brand and that they try to be eco-friendly — according to the website, they use some recycled materials and donate excess inventory, for example.” Leah Ginsberg, managing editor

Knix LuxeLift Pullover Bra

“I really leaned into loungewear during the pandemic, so the thought of wearing an underwire bra now is deeply unappealing. I’ve been looking for a quality wireless option, and Knix offers so many with great reviews. I bought the LuxeLift Pullover model and I’m so excited to try it. If I love it (which I expect I will) I already have my next purchase picked out.” Zoe Malin, associate updates editor

Everlane The ReNew Transit Backpack

“With return to office in full swing, I wanted to get a new commuter backpack that also works well for airplane travel. This option from Everlane has a 15-inch exterior laptop pocket so you can easily access your computer when going through security. It also has a magnetic closure, two pockets for water bottles and is made from 100% recycled polyester with a water resistant finish, says Everlane.” Rebecca Rodriguez, editorial operations associate

Bike Repair Kit

“I bought this kit for my boyfriend’s brother because he likes to ride his bike everywhere, but doesn’t have any portable repair essentials, like an air pump or tire lever. I opted for this kit since it comes in a bag that he can attach to his bike so that he can take care of his bike no matter where he is.” — Gabriella DePinho, production coordinator

Catalonia Mermaid Tail Blankets

“My nieces have been super into all things rainbow, tie-dye, and mermaids lately. When thinking about holiday gifts for kids, I try to buy something educational or something they'll use more than once. This blanket felt like a cute fit: something my nieces would love and could use every day.” — Lauren Swanson, editorial director

Eilish Perfume

“This Black Friday, I restocked on my favorite perfume from one of my favorite artists, Billie Eilish. The fragrance has sweet notes of vanilla and cocoa combined with a woodsy scent and musk. I always get compliments whenever I wear it, plus it’s vegan and paraben-free.” — Rebecca Rodriguez, editorial operations associate

Monica Vinader Skinny Diamond Mini Huggie Earrings

“I sprung for these earrings as a spontaneous early Christmas gift to myself and for all my hard work covering Black Friday. Hey, I deserve it. I love mixing gold and silver jewelry and these gold mini huggie earrings with diamonds seemed like a great addition to the jewelry I throw on every day. I like that they're minimal, yet sophisticated.” — Shari Uyehara, manager of editorial operations

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