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9 best gift boxes for Valentine's Day in 2022

While some Valentine’s Day gift boxes feature delicious chocolate, others have cupcakes, biscuits or pretzels.
From soft pretzels with a chili lime salt to Milk Bar’s assorted truffles, we’ve pulled together 9 great gift boxes to give on Valentine’s Day.
From soft pretzels with a chili lime salt to Milk Bar’s assorted truffles, we’ve pulled together 9 great gift boxes to give on Valentine’s Day.Bokksu ; Milk Bar ; Esprovisions

Some gifts are just too specific to buy for your valentine. Whether it’s skin care or a pair of new shoes, you need an intimate knowledge of your partner that you may not be privy to yet to get them something that caters to their preferences. So what do you get for — and how much do you spend on? — the valentine you’ve only just started dating? I’m here to tell you that in love, there are no right answers — there are only gift boxes. For our purposes, a gift box is beautifully general: It’s a decorative box or basket that features multiple edible things inside of it, from various flavors of chocolates to fruits and biscuits.

If you’re looking for a gift box this Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up some highly rated options as well as some old, trusty options I’ve used and loved for years. We only ask that you know the basics about your Valentine. If you can handle that, we’ll handle the rest.

Gift Baskets for Valentine’s Day 2022

While we don’t usually recommend food, we often see increased search interest around these types of gift boxes during holidays like Valentine's Day. To help you find gift boxes for that special person(s) on your list, we rounded up highly rated gift boxes (and baskets) that range in size, price point and product type.

Ferrero Rocher Collection Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolates

As a child, I remember my mother regarding Ferrero Rocher chocolates with the same respectful and hushed tones as the more expensive offerings from Godiva. After all, chocolate is chocolate is chocolate is chocolate, and Ferrero Rocher’s golden-colored logo is not one to bat your eyelash at. It seems like many people feel the same way that my mother does, if its 4.8-star rating from 12,000 customer reviews on Amazon are an indicator. You can enjoy 48 hazelnut candies across three different styles: the almondy Raffaello, the crunchy Rocher and the dark chocolatey Rondnoir. The chocolates come in a transparent box so your valentine’s eyes can eat before their stomach.

Bokksu Classic Bokksu Gift Box

Though it may feel expensive upfront, Bokksu’s Classic Bokksu Gift Box is delivered once a month for three months to keep the love fest going until at least May. (It doesn’t auto-renew, which saves you the headache of having to cancel, too.) Each month, your valentine will find an assortment of Japanese-themed snacks and candies (around 20 to 24 per box, the site says), plus a surprise tea pairing. Each order comes with a booklet describing the story behind each snack. It’s a great way for your valentine to explore the globe without having to leave the comfort of their home. It has a 4.8-star average rating across more than 1,700 customer reviews on its site.

Sugarwish Treat Box

Is your Valentine difficult to shop for? You may want to take a look at Sugarwish’s Treat Box — the choose-your-own-adventure of gift boxes. All you have to do is pick the size and category of food that your valentine will choose from, ranging from mini to extra large, from candies to cookies. Then your Valentine will choose which specific treats they will receive. There’s enough variety — and hyper-specificity — to please even the toughest persons to buy for this Valentine’s Day. That’s probably why Sugarwish has a 4.8-star rating across 1,100 customer reviews on Google.

Spoonful of Comfort’s Thinking of You Founder’s Package

Listen, it’s been a tough couple of years. Maybe your valentine needs a pick-me-up more than usual, and maybe the two of you live too far apart to exchange hugs in person. If that’s the case — or maybe you live with your valentine, but they just really like soup — Spoonful of Comfort’s Thinking of You gift box is a great option. The Founder’s Package comes with 64 ounces of your choice of soup, a half-dozen rolls for dipping and a half-dozen cookies for after dinner (plus a ladle to dispense the soup as desired). The Thinking of You Founder’s Package has a 4.8-star average rating across more than 1,040 customer reviews on its site.

Milk Bar Bakery Gift Box

In my experience, Milk Bar is dangerously fit for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day the old-fashioned way with a partner or just want to treat yourself to a sampler of all the goodness that Milk Bar has to offer. Within the Milk Bar Bakery Gift Box’s windowed tin is a three-pack of vanilla truffles, a three-pack of chocolate truffles, a slice of pie and a six-pack of cookies. Be careful, though: As this is a sampler, Milk Bar also sells all these treats individually — but bigger — and this starter pack might just get you hooked. Milk Bar’s gift box has a 4-star average rating across more than 900 customer reviews on its site.

Eastern Standard Provisions Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box

Maybe your valentine doesn’t want chocolate, cookies or soup (I can’t imagine it, either). Maybe instead, you’re in a relationship with the rarest valentine of all: the one most frequently found scouring the kitchen for pretzels. If that’s the case, consider the Eastern Standard Provisions Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box. Eastern Standard Provisions hand-crafts a variety gift box that features twenty pretzels (from bigger soft pretzels to longer and thinner pretzels sticks) and a number of salts and spices (from white truffle to chili lime) to sprinkle atop your pretzel. It has a 4.8-star average rating across 380 customer reviews on its website.

Godiva Valentine’s Day Fabric Heart Chocolate Gift Box

Godiva must’ve heard me calling out for them earlier — the brand’s 14-piece Valentine’s Day Fabric Heart Chocolate Gift Box is great for the traditional chocolate lover in your life (hi, mom). Not only does the Godiva Chocolate Gift Box feature an assortment of various chocolates — milk, dark, and white — but it also comes with chocolate truffles. The box itself is covered in a red fabric that makes it a collector’s item, too. Your valentine can use the box to store jewelry or other stray accessories that need a home when they’re done eating the chocolates. The gift box has a 4.6-star average rating across more than 200 reviews on Godiva’s website.

Recchiuti Love Letters Truffle Box

Recchiuti’s Love Letters Truffle Box comes with 9 pieces of burnt caramel truffle chocolates and fun designs to suit your valentine’s fancy. There are no customer reviews for the XOXO Truffles box available online, but I’ve personally bought Recchuiti’s chocolates for the past two years, And each time I’ve been impressed by their unique designs, flavor diversity and gorgeous, modern packaging.

Zabar’s The Appreciation Basket

Zabar’s has long been a staple in New York City, so you may want to consider buying this Appreciation Basket for the New Yorker in your life, whether physically or spiritually. It’s the most expensive gift basket on this list, but it comes with a wide variety of snacks to appease even the pickiest valentine, from marzipan fruits and Almondina biscuits to an assortment of Belgian chocolates. It doesn’t have customer reviews featured on its website, but also… It’s Zabar’s (the store’s New York location has a 4.5 star-rating, with more than 4,200 reviews on Google).

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