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Keurig K-Café Smart: The new Keurig machine that makes barista-style beverages

Keurig’s latest launch in its new Smart line can make pumpkin spice lattes, macchiatos and more.
A woman standing in her kitchen drinks from a mug and the Keurig Cafe
The K-Café Smart is an upgraded version of the K-Café that can connect to the Keurig app for step-by-step recipes, pre-scheduled brews, drink recommendations and more.Dougal Waters / Getty Images ; Courtesy Keurig

Just in time for cooler autumn temperatures in many parts of the country, Keurig has launched the K-Café Smart, an upgraded version of the K-Café that joins the K Supreme Plus Smart and connects to the Keurig app for step-by-step recipes, pre-scheduled brews, drink recommendations and more.

Keurig K-Café Smart

Using the company’s BrewID technology, the K-Café Smart can identify the K-Cup pod you’re using and adjust the settings accordingly for a regular cup of tea or coffee. Once the pod is in, you can manually change the settings across five strengths, six temperatures and four sizes. You can also set the K-Café Smart to make lattés and iced drinks, as well as single or double shots of any coffee pod for drinks like cappuccinos and macchiatos.

Like the other K-Café machines, the K-Café Smart comes with a milk frother that has three speed settings — in the app, you can see the recommended setting for the drink you want to make or the type of milk you’re using (the app accommodates both dairy and non-dairy options). You can use the frother either on its own or with the Keurig, and if you set the machine to all your desired settings and press the “K” while your milk is frothing, it will automatically start brewing your drink as soon as the milk is done.

Keurig’s new machine uses the brand’s MultiStream Technology to saturate coffee grounds more evenly with five streams of water rather than one. In our guide to coffee makers, experts recommended a machine thanks to a similar “shower head” feature.

Keurig sent me a K-Café Smart machine to test out ahead of the launch. I’ve made several café drinks with it, among them a pumpkin spice latte, chai latte, cappuccino and London fog. (All delicious.) I had some trouble getting the milk frother to work with the Keurig, but after working past the initial learning curve, every drink I’ve made has been quick and easy. Both my husband and I have been impressed by the frothed milk’s consistency and the recipes in the app are easy to follow.

As inflation continues to impact the price of a cup of coffee — according to data from the NPD Group as reported by The Wall Street Journal, the average price of a cup of coffee was $4.90 at the beginning of 2022, up 7.6% from the same period in 2021 — a barista-style brewer like the K-Café Smart might be a good way to save money. The machine is an investment, at $250, but if you buy a cup of coffee a few times a week or more, it should pay off pretty quickly.

As for me? I’ve cut back on my trips to Dunkin’ significantly since getting the K-Café Smart — and I used to go at least three times a week, so that’s no small feat. The K-Café Smart is currently available exclusively on Keurig’s website and it will roll out to retailers nationwide later in the fall.

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