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Keurig launches first Wi-Fi-enabled smart coffee maker

Keurig’s new K-Supreme Plus Smart can detect which K-Cup pod you are using and adjust the brew settings accordingly.
Overhead image of a Woman using her phone and her Keurig wifi and image of the new Keurig Wifi.  Keurig's new K-Supreme Plus Smart coffee maker detects which K-Cup pod you are using and adjusts the brew settings for optimal strength and temperature.
Keurig’s K-Supreme Plus Smart, the brand’s first Wi-Fi brewer, can also be controlled via the Keurig app.Courtesy Keurig

As many people transitioned to working from home during the pandemic, one kitchen appliance that became more popular is the Keurig coffee machine. According to the company, approximately 3 million new households purchased Keurig machines in 2020, bringing the total number of households with Keurigs to 33 million. To help increase that number further, Keurig just released its first Wi-Fi connected brewer, which automatically detects K-Cup pods via BrewID and adjusts brew settings, including the temperature and strength. Keurig said its coffee experts spent a year and a half testing and perfecting the settings for all of the coffee pods, though they noted it’s an “ever-evolving process” as new K-Pods are introduced.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart

If you prefer to pick your brew settings yourself, the K-Supreme Plus Smart also gives you the option to personalize your coffee with five cup sizes, five strength settings and six temperature settings. When you settle on a personalized setting you like, you can favorite it and rename it.

You can access your favorites both on the machine and via the Keurig app, which can control the new coffee maker and schedule brews in advance, too. On the app, users can take advantage of the new Smart Auto-Delivery, which keeps track of how many pods you use and reminds you to stock up before you run out — similar to how Amazon’s Subscribe & Save works. Though this might sound like a marketing feature, it may actually come in handy if you’re the type of person to forget to add items to a grocery list.

The new model features the brand’s largest reservoir tank to date (78 ounces), and it employs multi-stream technology (with five needles versus just one needle on the other models) to get more of the coffee bed wet and extract more flavor. It also has an easy-to-clean stainless steel finish, according to the brand.

For those who prefer iced coffee, the machine has a special setting that brews coffee at a lower temperature so it can be directly poured onto ice without melting it. The brand says that the machine is also designed to work with tea K-Cup pods, hot chocolate K-Cup pods and other drinks. Additionally, you can use a reusable Keurig coffee filter and fill it with your favorite ground beans.

Right now, the Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart is only available on Keurig’s website, but the retailer has plans to roll it out nationwide in the coming months.

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