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Molekule air purifiers are on sale: Here's where to shop

Air purifier sales have surged since last year and continue to trend. Here's where to save on several highly-rated Molekule models.
Illustration of a woman relaxing with her Molekule Air and a girl and her dog playing with a Molekule Air Mini+ on the table, Molekule's air purifiers are now on sale, and here's where you can take advantage of these great deals.
Best Buy is currently offering 30 percent off Molekule's Air Mini+, as well as other discounts on the air purifier models. Molekule

In our coverage on the best air purifiers, Molekule has stood out as a crowd favorite. Rather than the popular and expert-recommended HEPA filter, the brand patented its own filter technology: photo electrochemical oxidation, or PECO. Although this technology is yet to be considered industry standard, it might still be worth considering for your next air purifier. And right now, Best Buy is offering you 30 percent off the brand’s latest Air Mini+.

LEARN MORE about Molekule’s air purifying technology

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, sales of air purifiers have surged. Although air purifiers are not designed specifically to stop the spread of the coronavirus, there are plenty of benefits to having this device in your home. As Josh Davidson, MD, an allergy and immunologist specialist, previously told us: If you struggle with allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions, investing in an air purifier would be a smart move. If you're looking to upgrade, today might be a good time to do so and save a few dollars.

Molekule Air Mini+

The Air Mini+ is designed for rooms as large as 250 square feet. The device comes with six months worth of filters and has a filter replacement indicator. It is designed to use less energy so you can run the air purifier all day and night. For shoppers concerned with noisy air purifiers, the Air Mini+ is designed to be whisper-quiet, operating at 30 decibels. Download the Molekule app on iOS or Android to easily check your filter status or control the fan speed from wherever you are.

Molekule Air

The Molekule Air boasts many of the same features as the Air Mini+, but is intended for larger spaces, up to 600 square feet. It uses two different filters: a pre-filter to catch larger particles like dust or pet hair and the patented PECO filter that is meant to break down bacteria, mold, viruses and other pollutants. The sleek and simple designs of the Molekule air purifiers help them fit into nearly any of your home decor.

Molekule Air + Mini Bundle

If you’re looking to get more than one air purifier, you can opt for the Molekule Air + Mini Bundle. With one of each model, place the Air in a larger living space like your kitchen or living room, and the Mini in your bedroom or workspace.

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