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Google unveils new 2021 Google Nest doorbell, cam and more

Google’s new home security cameras and doorbells offer upgraded and expanded features for extra home protection.
Illustration of a hand ringing the new Google Nest Doorbell on someones door frame and the new Google Nest Camera in a living room
Google’s new offerings include the first battery-operated Nest Cam and a battery-powered video doorbell.Courtesy Google

With the rise of work from home setups, interest in home security systems has increased, and with good reason. According to data compiled by security and safety site Safe At Last, there are 2.5 million burglaries per year, and the average loss per burglary is approximately $2,400. However, a recent study from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte demonstrated that the presence of a camera can help deter burglars and protect any home.

Yesterday, Google announced its next generation of Nest products. From cameras to doorbells, each product is designed to provide peace of mind and comfort to ensure the work day — or your sleep cycle — remains safe and undisturbed. The new Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell are available now for preorder and will go on sale on August 24. Google says the Nest Cam with floodlight and new wired indoor Nest Cam are coming soon. (Heads up — they all require a Wi-Fi router connection.)

Google Nest Indoor/Outdoor Cam (pre-order)

Google’s first battery-operated camera offers installation flexibility, but also provides a cable if you would prefer not to worry about a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The device comes with improved sensors to detect things like animals and vehicles, and maintains 1080p HD video quality across a 130-degree angle. You can also expect IP54 weather resistance for indoor and outdoor use. While it includes up to three hours of event history, a Google Nest Aware subscription offers an extension of up to 60 hours of time for $18 per month. If the power goes out, the battery and wired connections both can record up to about an hour’s worth of camera time and will seamlessly upload to the cloud once power is restored.

Google Nest Doorbell (pre-order)

This next-gen Nest Doorbell operates on a battery instead of a wire, so you can place it anywhere by your door. With the 3:4, 1080p HD video ratio, you’ll have access to a vertical view of Familiar Faces technology alerts to see which family member is standing outside your door. (The Familiar Faces feature requires a Nest Aware subscription.) While the previous generation came with complimentary motion and people sensors, this device provides expanded alerts to distinguish between people, packages, animals and vehicles. It will send these alerts to your phone or pair up with any Google device in your home to keep you aware of who’s coming to your door.

Google Nest Cam with Floodlight (coming soon)

Not a lot of details have been made public about this new device. But judging from its predecessors and peers, the Google Nest Cam with floodlight will offer similar features to the new Nest along with powerful floodlights on each side of the camera. Based on Google’s Nest page, it will likely need a wired connection, unlike the wireless Indoor/Outdoor Nest Cam. Since all of Google’s cameras offer 1080p HD video, 110-degree motion detection and speaker and audio conversation capabilities, we expect similar tech specs in this device.

Google Nest Indoor Wired Cam (coming soon)

The first generation of Google’s indoor wired cam featured similar specs to the Indoor/Outdoor Cam, which features 1080p HD video, talk and listen tech and 24/7 live streaming. Not many details have been released so far about the new Wired Indoor Cam, but based on the released images, we don't think it will disappoint. More colors will be offered for a seamless, cohesive look in any space, and it will have a design similar to the Indoor/Outdoor second-generation Cam as well as the first-generation Indoor Nest Cam.

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