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New Theragun electric massage guns: Pro, Elite and more

Theragun — now going by Therabody — redesigned its massagers to be quieter, more user-friendly and customizable.
Image: Theragun
Theragun is now Therabody — the rebranded company launched a suite of new electric massagers with a focus on their quiet operation: Prime, Elite and Pro (pictured above).Theragun

Theragun has been an industry leader in percussive therapy with its innovative and minimalist hand-held massagers — but today it relaunches as Therabody, so named to more holistically describe its offerings. This morning, Theragun launched a suite of new electric massagers with a focus on their quiet operation: Prime, Elite and Pro. The brand’s so-called QuietForce technology will allow you to use the device in one room without bothering anyone in another — both a timely need during coronavirus-related and widespread stay-at-home orders and a possibly unique trait in a space full of loud electric massagers. As a personal trainer, I advise clients to incorporate massage into their workout routines, and the fact that many of them are loud can make it challenging for people to use an electric massager while kids are sleeping or a partner is working in an adjacent room or is otherwise nearby.

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Massage guns, vibrating chairs, foam rollers and self myofascial release tools have gained a lot of popularity recently — and, in my humble opinion, rightfully so.

Joey Thurman, personal trainer and fitness expert

New Theragun features

On top of reducing noise in their electric massagers, Theragun’s new products all equip Bluetooth, designed to connect with users and allow for a customized experience using Theragun’s app. For example, it can pinpoint which muscles to treat using a 3D model and integrates with Google Fit and Apple Health — it’ll also suggest which attachment to use for which muscle and the best electric massager grip recommendations. On top of the three new devices, Theragun is also launching a new compact electric massager that it calls the mini.

Why Theragun made its electric massagers quieter

The rebranded Therabody, popular for its line of Theragun electric massagers designed to loosen and relieve sore muscles and tension via vibration, worked with engineers to invent a new brushless motor to tamper down the noise it emits when in use. “Recovery needs to be taken more seriously, and it needs to fit into our lifestyles. We can’t work out hard if we aren’t recovered, and our muscle tissue doesn’t grow properly if it doesn’t get the proper care,” explains Joey Thurman, a personal trainer and fitness expert. “Massage guns, vibrating chairs, foam rollers and self myofascial release tools have gained a lot of popularity recently — and, in my humble opinion, rightfully so.”

Boleslav Kosharskyy, MD, told NBC News that massage has been well studied and shown to have promising results in reducing pain, and possibly moderate results in performance improvement. Compared with alternative treatment (ice, heat and so on), massage guns (aka electric massagers) hold a significant advantage. “They are safe, easy to use and lack side effects,” he says.

The new Theragun electric massagers from Therabody

Therabody's flagship devices, each a next-level version of the Gen3 Theragun device, are updated with a longer-lasting battery life, the aforementioned Bluetooth capability and the significantly quieter motor. Broadly speaking, the different tier Theraguns swap affordability for just how quiet their motor gets, how customizable their settings are and how many attachments you get with each.

1. Theragun Pro

The highest tier electric massager in the group comes with a two-year warranty (as opposed to the single year warranty offered with the two other new massagers). Its rechargeable battery is removable for convenient recharging (also unlike the other models). It also boasts an adjustable arm, letting you customize its fit to your preference. There is also a customizable speed range for percussion, which means you can make the device go faster or slower.

2. Theragun Elite

One step down from the Theragun Pro is the Theragun Elite, which is actually slightly quieter than the next tier Prime but significantly more affordable than the Pro. It comes in black or white, and offers a customizable speed range like the Pro. The attachments with the Elite include the standard ball with a dampener to make it less intense, a thumb, cone, and wedge to get into hard to get places like between the shoulder blades and the bottoms of the feet.

3. Theragun Prime

The entry level model in Theragun’s new offerings equips Bluetooth and a quieter motor. It offers five speeds and less attachments than the other models — it suits the basic needs of a percussion massage tool.

4. Theragun Mini

On top of its new slate of electric massagers, Theragun also launched a fairly unique design in the space of electric massagers, a compact and portable electric massager. It’s designed to easily join you on your commute or travel, whenever that is again a possibility for us all. It’s small enough to be packed into your carry-on or backpack.

Therabody is also pivoting into the CBD space with its new endeavor, TheraOne, a brand new line of CBD products — it plans to make those available for purchase by summer 2020.

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