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21 best Mother's Day gifts for grandma in 2023

This Mother’s Day, treat your grandma to something special from brands like Brooklinen, SodaStream and more.
Celebrate Grandma this Mother's Day with a special gift like their own recipe book, a warm blanket or an indoor herb garden.
Celebrate Grandma this Mother's Day with a special gift like their own recipe book, a warm blanket or an indoor herb garden. Bonne Maman; Homesick; Brooklinen

Nonna. Bubbe. Yiayia. Nana. Whatever you call the grandmother or grandma figure in your life, no one spoils you quite like they do. Mother’s Day is a great time to give back and say thank you for all that she does. Below, we’ve rounded up gift options of Select staff favorite gifts from notable brands for every type of grandma.

Our top picks

The best Mother’s Day gifts for grandma in 2023

To help you with your Mother’s Day shopping for grandma and the grandmother figures in your life, we rounded up a selection of Select staff favorites from notable brands, including many products I’ve tried and love.

Nixplay 8-inch Smart Photo Frame

We all want to share family photos with grandma, but we can’t always be there to print them or help her open them on the computer. Nixplay, a Select-favorite digital photo frame, can help. Users simply download the Nixplay app and upload their photos. Or, you can help your grandma out using the brand’s nix-FamilyCircles feature, which allows you to send new photos and videos straight to her frame.

“My grandmother just loves easy-to-use tech that she can add all her grandkids’ photos into and watch,” says senior commerce photo editor, Becca Delman.

Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle

For so many cultures around the world, a warm cup of tea feels as cozy as grandma’s house. In commerce photo editor Vivian Le’s grandparents’ house, the drink of choice is jasmine green tea: “I quite literally have never seen them sip water during my time on earth, so my family got both my paternal and maternal grandparents an electric kettle and now it’s a staple in their everyday life,” she says.

This option from Hamilton Beach comes with a one liter glass carafe with measurements on the side for quick reference. And, if your grandma can be forgetful, the cord-free kettle has a handy automatic shutoff feature when water reaches a boil, as well as a boil-dry protection feature that keeps the kettle from scorching if the water level gets too low.

SodaStream E-Terra

Much like Le above, assistant partnerships editor, Lauren Witonsky, has never seen her grandma drink water: “she is a seltzer lover, so I’m getting her her first SodaStream,” she says.

Unlike SodaStream’s earlier models, its new E-Terra is automatic, allowing users the choice of three carbonation levels with the click of a button (rather than users manually controlling the fizz level). The sparkling water maker comes with a dishwasher-safe, BPA-free one-liter carbonating bottle. “She’s a huge fan of fruit flavored seltzers, so I'm excited for her to have even more flavors to choose from with all the different mix-ins available,” says Witonsky.

Beis Dopp Kit

If your grandma is constantly on the road visiting her grandkids or exploring new places, she may want to replace that old toiletries bag she’s had since the 80s. The Dopp Kit from Beis, one of associate updates editor Zoe Malin’s favorite brands, is spill-proof and constructed with several compartments for all your grandma’s cosmetics. Plus, it has a loop that makes it easy to hook on a door for easy access. The canvas bag comes in a range of bright colors, like berry or creamsicle, and has a water-resistant interior.

1000+ Sudoku Puzzles for Adults

Admittedly, I hate sudoku — but I love sitting at my grandma’s kitchen table listening to her hem and haw, pencil in hand, while I eat her homemade biscotti. This Amazon topseller book of puzzles has a 4.5-star average rating from over 2,350 reviews and is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Homesick Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

Select reporter Harry Rabinowitz likes the Homesick’s candles for their fragrant scents and simple aesthetic. The brand specializes in candles that smell like home, whether that’s the Lake, Gryffindor, your home state, or grandma’s kitchen. The soy-wax blend candle is meant to smell like freshly baked pie and treats, with notes of butter, apple and cinnamon and has a 60 to 80 hour burn time.

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser (2nd generation)

If you want to give your grandma the gift of a wonderful-smelling home without the potential danger of candles, this affordable oil diffuser might be a great option. Plus, you can always give her new essential oils and scents around the holidays or her birthday, so that her diffuser feels exciting each time she uses it.

This no-frills option from Urpower is a white plastic cylinder that’s easy to clean and use, according to the brand. Its tank provides up to seven hours of mist, plus it has a time function for 60, 180 or 360 minutes of run time. It also lights up in seven colors should your grandma want to use it as a night light. I’ve owned mine for years and it still works great — I’m just running out of room under my coffee table with all the essential oil scents I’ve collected.

Rifle Paper Co. Citrus Grove Recipe Binder

If your grandma is anything like mine, her (terrific) recipes for manicotti and linguine with clams are handwritten on scattered, loose papers somewhere in the house. A recipe binder like this three-ring, citrus-themed option from my favorite stationery company, Rifle Paper Co., can help keep it all organized. It has a double-sized pocket folder, 16 tabbed dividers, 1- recipe card sleeves and adhesive labels.

Bonne Maman Ten Ways to Say I Love You

If your grandma loves to start her days with a cup of tea and some toast and jam, she may love this gift set from Bonne Maman, which makes some of my favorite jams. In fact, it’s rare for my fridge to have less than two going at a given time. This decorative box includes 10 mini jam jars in assorted flavors like Apricot, Cherry Elderflower, Fig, Grape, Honey, Orange Marmalade, Raspberry, Strawberry and Wild Blueberry.

Leonidas 16 Pieces Gold Tin

For the grandma with a sweet tooth, a box of chocolates will always do the trick. This gold tin from the 100-year-old Belgian chocolatier, Leonidas, includes an arrangement of its dark, milk and white chocolates and ships to any destination in the continental U.S. I first bit into a piece of Leonidas chocolate over 10 years ago on a trip to Belgium and have been dreaming about them (and shipping them as gifts to friends, family and myself) in the years since. Yes, they’re that good, and your grandma will think so too.

FitFlop Lulu Flip Flops

An expert-recommended option in our guide to the best women’s walking shoes, these sturdy sandals might be more fashionable for grandma than sneakers, but not at the expense of built-in arch support and safety. The leather flip-flops are available in twenty total colors and designs, including white, black or rose gold , and have a slip-resistant rubber sole.

The Criterion Channel

If your grandparent is a film buff who’s adept at using a streaming service, they may love a subscription to the Criterion Channel. The service’s library includes important classic and contemporary films, plus art-house, independent and international films. You could snuggle in with grandma to watch a romantic classic like Pillow Talk or a foreign movie from her ancestral home.


There is nothing my grandma and I love to do more than sit with a glass of wine and play Rummikub together. I’d like to think it’s because she loves spending time with me, but I think it’s really because she loves to win. In this game, a favorite in our guide to the best board games for adults, players pick numbered and colored tiles from a bag and take turns placing them in runs or groups, like 1, 2, 3, 4 in one color, or 4,4,4,4 in multiple colors (similar to Rummy). The first player to use all their tiles, or “go out,” wins (and pours themselves another glass).

Pianogrillo Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil and bread is a staple in my grandma’s house. I recently tried this Pianogrillo extra virgin olive oil at a friend’s house (imported through Bronx-based Italian food importer Gustiamo) and it is hands-down the best one I’ve ever tried. Produced in a small town in Sicily, the olive oil is delicate, almost fruity and perfect with a hunk of whatever bread is around.

AeroGarden Harvest

If your grandma loves to garden but has a harder time planting and pulling these days, she may love the AeroGarden harvest hydroponic garden. The compact unit uses 20-watt LED lights to grow herbs, veggies, or flowers without any sun or soil. I’ve used mine for years and love having fresh cilantro, green onions or thai basil on hand. Plus, the set-up is easy: you just place the seed pods in the garden, fill the body of the machine, add the recommended plant food and let the LED lights do the rest of the work.

Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw Blanket

If there is one thing all grandmas have in common it’s that they are too cold. If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day with the AC on, you may want to plan ahead and give your grandma this pure wool throw blanket. I received this option as a gift years ago and love how heavy and warm it is. The chic blanket, which I often fold at the bottom of my bed as an accessory, is made from soft virgin lambswool, handmade at a mill in Germany, according to the brand.

Uncommon Goods Personalized Record Cutting Board

If your grandma is a vinyl lover (or simply never upgraded), she might like this personalizable cutting board that resembles a classic LP. When my best friend and her boyfriend, who together own an extensive record collection, got engaged, I gifted them this. They liked it so much that they’ve never even used it as a cutting board and instead display it on their shelf.

Kindle Paperwhite

Grandma shouldn’t have to lug around her favorite book. Amazon’s lightweight Kindle Paperwhite gives her access to over two million titles, thousands of audiobooks and more. The waterproof e-reader has a 6.8-inch glare-free display and can run for up to 10 weeks on a single charge. Malin said it’s the perfect gift for bookworm grandmas like hers who love to travel.

Yeti Rambler

Nearly the entire Select staff (and many of our readers) are Yeti Rambler devotees. If your grandma has a tendency to let her coffee or tea go cold before finishing it, she may love owning this vacuum-insulated tumbler, too. The dishwasher-safe mug is dishwasher-safe and compatible with car cup holders, meaning she can take her drink on the go. For an additional cost, you can add a personalized design or text.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

I love the hydrating power of Clinique’s moisturizing lotion, but perhaps what I love most about this iconic yellow bottle is how it reminds me of the women in my family. Whenever I would snoop in my grandmothers’, mother’s or aunt’s medicine cabinets, I would steal a small pump of this lotion and a spritz of their perfume.

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion is formulated with hyaluronic acid, which our experts say draws water to the skin and aids in hydration.

Slip Queen Silk Pillowcase

"Slip's silk pillowcase can help prevent hair frizz and breakage that you may normally see when using a cotton pillowcase, according to the experts we spoke to in our guide to the best sheets and pillowcases. If your grandma’s hair is beat up from decades of curlers and drugstore hair dye, she may love its soft, luxurious feel (I certainly do).

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