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New and Notable: New products from Burst, Bowflex, Echelon and more

Newly launched items include robot vacuums from Proscenic, Korres skin care at Ulta, Health-Ade Holiday Cheers kombucha and more.
Notable releases are making their way onto the market, including exercise equipment, skin care, home appliances and more.
Notable releases are making their way onto the market, including exercise equipment, skin care, home appliances and more.Echelon Fit; Ulta; Burst; Courtesy Proscenic; Mila /, Proscenic Press,

Christmas is days away, rounding out the end of the 2020 holiday season and propelling us toward the new (and hopefully better) year ahead — and various brands and retailers are pumping out their latest wares for the 2021 shopping season. Otherwise, the final weeks of December comprise a litany of end-of-year sales as well as plenty of remaining options for your last-minute gift shopping.

Beyond gift ideas and the year’s bestsellers like weighted blankets and air purifiers — notable releases are making their way onto the market. Echelon’s new fitness bike and Bowflex’s new fold up treadmill are the latest high-tech fitness machines designed for at-home use. If you’re looking for clothing to cozy up in, Minna Goods launched an Everyday Robe for relaxing at home and Rhone’s joggers can be layered over a pair of leggings if you have to brave the frigid outdoor temperatures. The Mila, a new air purifier, and robot vacuums from Proscenic are also aiming to help you keep your home tidy and free from dust, dirt and germs.

1. Proscenic launches two new robot vacuums

Smart home appliance manufacturer Proscenic recently launched two new robot vacuums: The 850T and The M6 Pro. Both vacuums can be controlled through Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, as well as the Proscenic app. In addition to removing dirt and dust from floors using different suction levels, the vacuums also have mopping capabilities thanks to an electronically controlled 2-in-1 water tank and dustbin.

Proscenic 850T

The Proscenic 850T robot vacuum moves in programmed patterns to cover the entire surface area of your home’s floors rather than zigzagging across rooms and potentially missing spots. It’s equipped with three levels of suction and will automatically increase suction power when it detects carpet. The vacuum has large wheels that allow it to get over rugs and door ledges, as well as a low-profile design so it can fit under furniture.

Proscenic M6 Pro

Making use of a plethora of sensors, the Proscenic M6 Pro robot vacuum relies on a laser navigation system to create a real-time map of rooms in order to plan the best cleaning path. It has three cleaning modes: vacuum, Y-shaped mopping and simultaneous mopping and vacuum. Using the Proscenic app, you can schedule cleaning times for the M6 Pro, as well as prevent the vacuum from entering specific rooms. When the vacuum’s battery is low, it automatically returns to its charger, and when it is done charging, it will then move back to its last cleaning position to continue where it left off.

2. Burst debuts the Burst Water Flosser

Burst, an oral hygiene brand focused on its electronic toothbrushes, just added a new product to its collection: the Burst Water Flosser. It helps reduce plaque that builds up between teeth using strong water power, proving a more targeted approach to flossing, the brand claims. The device, which simply requires you to fill it's reservoir with water, has three settings — Standard, Turbo and Pulse — and it’s water-resistant, so you can use it in the shower. The Burst Water Flosser comes with its Classic tip, but tips are removable and you can separately purchase the Perio tip (for sensitive teeth) and the Ortho tip (for those with orthodontics or dental work like braces). One full charge of the compact device lasts for up to 80 days, making it great to travel with.

3. Echelon releases a new indoor fitness bike

Echelon just released the newest in its Connect stationary bikes collection, the Connect Bike EX-7s, which the brand says is its most heavy-duty exercise bike yet and which follows up on its EX-5s. Beyond structural features like a gel comfort seat, resistance knob and coated metal water bottle holder, the bike sports a 22-inch screen with a center audio jack, front facing speakers and high definition video quality. The screen also rotates to face away from the bike’s seat, allowing you to continue working out after cycling via online classes. Notably, the new Ex-7s sports commercial-level power for gym-like performance to hit the very upper limits of fitness bikes. The bike comes with an Echelon United membership that gives riders access to fitness classes like boxing, pilates and yoga, in addition to cycling classes.

4. Korres premiers its best selling skin care products at Ulta

Giving shoppers another way to buy their products, Korres debuted at Ulta this month and will be available in stores starting Jan. 5. It’s currently offering items online, ranging from its Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser to its White Pine Meno-Reverse collection, which features products like a volumizing serum-in-moisturizer and a deep wrinkle, lumping and age spot concentrate. Korres Wild Rose Spotless Serum is also popular, as it has vitamin C for brightening dark spots.

5. Mila Air Purifier

Aiming to create a more customizable and effective air purifier experience, the Mila Air Purifier allows you to adjust fan speed to your desired air quality rather than coming pre-programmed with a few fan speeds. Mila says its air purifier detects room presence, so it quiets down when you're near and does its deepest cleaning when you’re away. Through the Mila app, you can see the estimated time it will take for the air purifier to achieve your desired air quality, as well as view other information like humidity level, the current air quality inside and the air quality outside your home. The Mila has a certified HEPA filter, so it’s guaranteed to remove 99.97 percent of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter, such as smoke, allergens, house dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, viruses, bacteria and fungi. The air purifier comes with its standard replaceable filter, but the brand offers other specialized filters, those more or less applicable to you depending on your living situation. For example, one filter is specifically made for those with pets, while another was created for families with kids. Filters can be purchased one at a time or you can subscribe to have them sent to your home periodically. It’s the first air purifier to include a carbon monoxide sensor, too, the brand claims.

6. Bowflex introduces the Treadmill 10

The Treadmill 10 is the latest model of the Bowflex foldable treadmill, and it gets its name from its built-in 10-inch interactive console that includes a Wi-Fi-enabled HD touchscreen monitor. Upon purchase of the treadmill, you get a two-month free membership to the Bowflex JRNY app. The membership allows you to take virtual fitness classes on the treadmill, log into your Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and Disney+ accounts, listen to curated music playlists and more. The treadmill has a high performance incline that ranges from -5 to 15 percent, and it comes with a Bluetooth-compatible armband that lets you track your heart rate. When not in use, the treadmill folds up so you can store it out of the way.

7. Rhone Women's Sublime Tech Fleece Jogger

The Women’s Sublime Tech Fleece Jogger from clothing brand Rhone is meant to be layered on top of leggings, keeping you warm on your walk to the gym this winter. It’s also a comfortable pair of sweatpants to hang out in at home. The jogger is made from soft, piling resistant Italian fabric that has a two-way stretch and great shape retention. It has a tapered fit, zippered pockets at the hips and an elastic waistband. The jogger comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, and it’s available in four colors: Nero Black, Navy, Survivor Green and Stella Print.

8. Health-Ade Holiday Cheers Kombucha

Kombucha brand Health-Ade captures the taste of this festive season with its Holiday Cheers flavor, available annually for a limited time. The probiotic tea blends notes of ginger, vanilla, allspice and chocolate. Health-Ade kombucha contains healthy acids and living probiotics that promote gut health, according to the brand, and drinks are made with all natural ingredients like cold pressed juices.

9. Minna Goods The Everyday Robe

Minna Goods is now selling a gender-neutral robe in four styles, each of which match the brand’s bedding. Robes are over-sized, loose fitting, one size fits most and have an adjustable sash. Minna Goods works with two family-run cooperatives of weavers in Larráinzar, Mexico, to create the robes. They’re made from 100-percent cotton fabric, and come in four patterns: Stripes Clay, Grid, Sage Stripe and Texture.

10. Wildling Empress Tool Duo

Offering two of its most popular facial tools in one package, Wildling’s Empress Tool Duo set comes with the Empress Stone and Empress Wand. Both tools are inspired by gua sha, a traditional Chinese beauty practice. The Empress Stone is designed to sculpt and reinvigorate the skin, while The Empress Wand is designed to address muscle tension in the face and jaw. Both tools are made from Bian stone, which is composed of minerals known for their healing properties. Wildling says the tools can provide a quick remedy for puffiness and fine lines, but for long-lasting results, use them two to three times a week up to once daily. Results include plumper skin, minimized pores and a brighter complexion.

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