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Best sales and deals at Wayfair during Amazon Prime Day

Starting today, Wayfair is launching an October sale to last through Oct. 21 and during which time Amazon will be holding its Prime Day sales event.
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Wayfair is offering substantial discounts and savings on function-first and fall-centric appliances like heaters and air purifiers, furniture like rugs and sofas, kitchen goods both small and large and more.Tom Werner / Getty Images

As shoppers count the days down to Amazon’s Prime Day sales event, other retailers are ramping up their own versions of the sale and some are simply running their scheduled October and fall promotions. And right now, Wayfair is front and center in that space, offering substantial discounts and savings on function-first and fall-centric appliances like heaters and air purifiers, furniture like rugs and sofas, kitchen goods both small and large and more. Wayfair’s discounts are largely covering items that NBC News readers have shown a keen interest this summer and largely during Covid-19: The aforementioned air purifiers, fans, dishwashers, refrigerators and more. The retailer’s announced several large sales starting this week:

To help you navigate everything that’s on sale, we scrolled through the categories and options available and brought back the most highly-rated and relevant ones.

Best sales at Wayfair right now

If you want to save right now at Wayfair, here’s a broad overview of what’s in store (or online, for that matter).

Save on appliances

Save on furniture and home goods

Save on bed, bath and kitchenware

Best deals at Wayfair right now

From the sales above, we found some deals whose high ratings and discount amounts as well as their relevance to Shopping readers, help them stand out. Here are our favorite picks from the Wayfair sale.

1. GE Appliances 36-Inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator

This highly-rated refrigerator includes an ice maker, multiple drawers for preserving freshness in foods like fruits or vegetables and adjustable door bins. LED lighting is designed to give you a more naturally lit window into your fridge and a smudge-resistant finish should help keep the fridge looking good in your kitchen. You can also get it in White, Black and Slate. More than 5,500 reviewers left it a 4.5-star average rating.

2. Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter and PlasmaWave Technology

This highly-rated air purifier sports Winix’s proprietary PlasmaWave tech, which the brand claims “breaks apart odors, allergens, chemical vapors and other pollutants at the molecular level.” Joining brands like Molekule and PhoneSoap in creating its own filtering tech, Winix also equipped this model with a HEPA filter, which experts recommend you consider in an air purifier. Nearly 200 reviewers left this air purifier a 4.8-star average rating.

3. Kelly Clarkson Home Louise Task Chair & Reviews

This very highly-rated chair from Kelly Clarkson Home comes in more than ten styles, from Navy and Teal to Yellow and Ivory. The cushion features high-density foam filler and its solid wood frame will keep it steady while you swivel around during short breaks from your work from home. Of course, this chair is stylish, too, and the aforementioned possible styles should help you fit it into your own space’s aesthetic. More than 2,000 reviewers left it a 4.7-star average rating.

4. Wine Enthusiast Companies Evolution 2.2 Cubic Feet Freestanding Beverage Refrigerator

As winter approaches and libations will be had increasingly indoors, a cooler for your cold spirits and wines might help elevate your experience — and keep your refrigerator free for food. This simple and highly-rated beverage fridge can get down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit, hold up to four wine bottles and stands less than 26 inches tall. The 50-pound refrigerator is relatively portable and its glass door means you’re able to quickly tell how low you’re running on goods. Nearly 250 reviewers left it a 4.5-star average rating.

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