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Select Best of Wellness Awards 2023: Reader favorites

Our staff tried over 500 products and picked out our favorites — here are the ones readers gravitated toward the most.
Here are the most purchased products across fitness apparel, fitness tech, sleep and self care.
Here are the most purchased products across fitness apparel, fitness tech, sleep and self care.Slip; Nu Skin; Loop Earplugs

Here at Select, we launched our Best of Wellness Awards, in which we spent months trying hundreds of wellness products and chose our favorites in a variety of categories, including fitness apparel, fitness equipment and tech, sleep and self care.

When it came down to our final award winners, our readers were most interested in toothpastes, body washes, pillows, dumbbells and more. Below are some of the most purchased products from our Wellness Awards coverage.

SKIP AHEAD Fitness tech and equipment | Sleep | Self care

Most purchased fitness apparel winners

Dr Scholl’s Women’s Extra Support Insoles

  • Award: Best Insoles | Activity: All
  • 4.4-star average rating from 87,081 reviews on Amazon

Girlfriend Collective Paloma Racerback Bra

  • Award: Best Sports Bra | Activity: Low Impact
  • Nearly 5-star average rating from 14,435 reviews at Girlfriend Collective

Brooks Revel 6

  • Award: Best Workout Shoes | Activity: Running
  • 4.7-star average rating from 92 reviews on Amazon

Hoka Clifton 9

  • Award: Best Workout Shoes | Activity: All | Sizing: Women’s
  • 4.3-star average rating from 1,275 reviews at Hoka

Pro Compression Marathon Socks

  • Award: Best Compression | Type: Socks
  • 4.3-star average rating from 531 reviews on Amazon

Most purchased fitness tech and equipment winners

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

  • Award: Best Wireless Earbuds | Operation System: Apple
  • 4.7-star average rating from 30,280 reviews on Amazon
  • Extremely versatile
  • Great for nearly any task 
  • Not for Android users
  • Pricey

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

  • Award: Best Resistance Bands
  • 4.5-star average rating from 118,540 reviews on Amazon

Theragun Mini

  • Award: Best Massage Gun
  • 4.8-star average rating from 6,495 reviews on Amazon

Amazon Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell

  • Award: Best Weights | Type: Dumbbells
  • 4.7-star average rating from 41,748 reviews on Amazon

Bala Bangles

  • Award: Best Weights | Type: Ankle
  • 4.8-star average rating from 2,402 reviews at Bala

Most purchased sleep winners

Casper Foam Pillow

  • Award: Best Pillow | Type: All
  • 4.1-star average rating from 1,318 reviews on Amazon

LectroFan Evo

  • Award: Best Sound Machine | Type: All
  • 4.6-star average rating from 6,996 reviews on Amazon

Loop Quiet

  • Award: Best Earplugs
  • 4.2-star average rating from 53,678 reviews on Amazon

Slip Pillowcase

  • Award: Best Pillowcase | Type: Silk
  • 4.6-star average rating from 519 reviews on Amazon

California Design Den

  • Award: Best Sheets | Type: Budget
  • 4.5-star average rating from 34,174 reviews on Amazon

Most purchased self care winners

Nu Skin AP 24 Toothpaste

  • Award: Best Toothpaste | Type: All
  • 4.3-star average rating from 9,103 reviews on Amazon

Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush

  • Award: Best Toothbrush | Type: Manual
  • 4.6-star average rating from 100,747 reviews on Amazon

DenTek Clean Floss Pick

  • Award: Best Floss | Category: All
  • 4.7-star average rating from 64,607 reviews on Amazon

ACT Anticavity Fluoride

  • Award: Best Mouthwash
  • 4.7-star average rating from 1,771 reviews on Amazon

RevitaLash Thickening Shampoo

  • Award: Best Shampoo | Hair Type: Fine
  • 4.4-star average rating from 392 reviews on Amazon

Dove Go Fresh Refreshing Body Wash

  • Award: Best Body Wash | Type: Drugstore
  • 4.6-star average rating from 2,032 reviews on Amazon

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

  • Award: Best Moisturizer | Skin Type: Oily
  • 4.8-star average rating from 118,727 reviews on Amazon

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch

  • Award: Best Acne Treatment | Type: Pimple Patch
  • 4.7-star average rating from 9,636 reviews on Amazon

Differin Gel

  • Award: Best Acne Treatment | Type: All
  • 4.4-star average rating from 7,089 reviews on Amazon

Cay Skin Isle Glow Face Lotion

  • Award: Best Sunscreen | Type: Face
  • 4.8-star average rating from 525 reviews at Cay Skin

How we chose our winners

Our editors and staff tried hundreds of wellness items over a span of five weeks. We also spoke with medical professionals and wellness experts, who provided us with information and advice when trying products.

When our team and experts tried wellness items, we ensured that they met a multitude of needs, performed well and allowed you, our readers, to upgrade your lives. Specifically, we look at affordability, size-inclusivity, overall quality and effectiveness to ensure we chose the best products for you.

About our experts

To ensure our product picks are more than just editor-approved, we used a panel of experts, including dermatologists, sleep doctors and personal trainers to share buying advice. Experts did not recommend individual products. When conferring with our unaffiliated panel of experts, we asked them for advice they would give to their patients or clients. You can learn more about our expert panel on our Best of Wellness Awards page.

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