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U.S. death toll nears 100,000

Here are the latest coronavirus updates from around the world.
Image: A man wears a protective mask as he walks on Wall Street during the coronavirus outbreak in New York
A man wears a protective mask as he walks on Wall Street during the coronavirus outbreak in New York on March 13, 2020.Lucas Jackson / Reuters file

The number of U.S. coronavirus deaths approached 100,000, with more than 99,600 deaths recorded as of early Wednesday, according to NBC News' count. The U.S. leads the world in both deaths and confirmed cases, with 1.69 million infections.

The National Hockey League on Tuesday announced a plan to resume its suspended season by moving directly into playoffs, but details, including which "hub cities" would host the contests, remained up in the air.

Former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called President Donald Trump "an absolute fool to talk that way" after Trump criticized Biden for wearing a mask during a Memorial Day remembrance.

"Every leading doc in the world is saying we should wear a mask when you're in a crowd," Biden said in a CNN interview.

Trump, who did not wear a mask during Memorial Day services, retweeted Fox News commentator Brit Hume's Monday night tweet criticizing Biden. Trump denied mocking Biden at a Tuesday news conference.

Here's what to know about the coronavirus, plus a timeline of the most critical moments:

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In blow to DOJ, Supreme Court won't block order to move prisoners in Ohio over coronavirus concerns


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Pentagon watchdog ousted from coronavirus response resigns

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States are trying to lure the Republican National Convention away from North Carolina

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German Muslims gather in mall parking lot to celebrate Eid safely

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Photo: Drive-in theater at a New York diner

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Feds charge used car salesman and "the Mask Man" in COVID-19 schemes

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Pence's press secretary Katie Miller returns to work after recovering from coronavirus

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New Jersey authorizes professional sports teams to resume practice and competition

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Coronavirus cases and deaths in New York state continue to drop, Gov. says

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to allow graduation ceremonies

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Memorial Day weekend draws large crowds across the country

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N.Y.C. Mayor confident city will bounce back because of "strength the resilience of New Yorkers"

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Ohio school bus drivers honor class of 2020

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DOJ warns Nevada's church restrictions could violate Constitution

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NYSE floor reopens with Cuomo ringing in trading day

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Famed archeological site reopens in Italy


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New Rochelle, N.Y., once a COVID-19 hot spot, will start to reopen

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New York's famed stock exchange prepares to reopen — with masks and a waiver

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Wuhan lab director praises staff, disputes 'rumors' over virus origin

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Rare snow leopards seen prowling near Kazakh city during lockdown

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Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity reopens to limited number of visitors

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Russia reports another day of record fatalities

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Australia won't open its borders 'anytime soon,' says PM

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Saudi Arabia to amend coronavirus curfew, allow domestic travel


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Saluting veterans and coronavirus frontline workers on Memorial Day

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Hair salon in North Carolina refuses service to Tyson employees

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Inside Brazil field hospital battling coronavirus

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University in Oklahoma adds 'back-up faculty' to prepare for in-person fall classes

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California releases guidance on church reopenings amid virus