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8 best Mother's Day cards: Funny, cute and unique cards

These Mother’s Day cards can complement your gift or be presented on their own to wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day.
Illustration of a little girl holding up a Mother's Day Card and two Mother's Day Cards from Etsy. The best Mother's Day cards can complement your gift or be presented on their own. Shop funny Mother's Day cards, unique Mother's Day cards and more.
A Mother's Day card is a great way to express your love and appreciation.LightFieldStudios / Getty Images ; Etsy

Though it’s nice to go the extra mile with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, many moms are perfectly content to receive a handwritten Mother’s Day card filled with kind words and fond memories. And if you haven’t seen your mom as frequently (or at all) this past year because of the Covid-19 pandemic, a card can be a good way to remind the mother figure in your life how much she means to you and how excited you are to start spending time together again. Whether you want a funny Mother’s Day card or something more heartfelt and sweet, we compiled some great options from brands like Hallmark, PAPYRUS and LovePop plus some smaller artists on Etsy.

Happy Mother’s Day cards

LovePop Tulips 3D Card

With this 3D card from LovePop, you can give her a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day that she’ll never have to throw out. The inside of the card is completely customizable, and you can even choose to upload and print a photo of you and your mom to include.

Shutterfly Maternal Rose Mother’s Day Card

This Mother’s Day card can be highly customized with your own family photo on the front and a collage of photos plus a custom message on the back. You can also choose from several solid and patterned backgrounds and fun trims like rounded, square and scallop.

Special Card for Mom

This fun, handmade card from Etsy can either be bought with a blank interior or with a printed personalized message. The card envelope comes in eight colors, including Dark Blue, Red, Rosebud and Green. Shoppers noted the card was “super cute” and “great quality.”

Funny Mother’s Day cards

Baking-Themed Mother’s Day Card

For the mom who loves to bake (especially with you), consider this funny Mother’s Day card from Etsy with a cheeky message about licking the batter off the stand mixer’s beaters. Perhaps the card will even inspire your mom to break out those beaters and make some cookies with you.

American Greetings Yoga Mother’s Day Card

Is your mom a yogi? If so, she’d probably appreciate this funny card from American Greetings featuring “yoga positions” just for moms, including the “Look For The Lost Shoe Under The Couch” pose and the “Step Carefully Through The Messy Room” pose. The message inside the card is short and sweet: Momaste.

Hallmark Wine and Coffee Mother’s Day Card

To some moms, a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night are equally important for revving up and winding down, respectively. And if your mom enjoys both caffeine and vino, she might appreciate this Hallmark card which features anthropomorphized versions of her go-to drinks bickering over who’s the true favorite. Perhaps you can pair this card with some coffee beans and a bottle of wine so she doesn’t have to choose.

Cute Mother’s Day cards

Uncommon Goods Letters to My Mom

Why limit yourself to just one Mother’s Day card? This sentimental set from Uncommon Goods features a box of Mad Libs-esque prompts to help you tell your mom how much you love her and look back on your fondest memories. In total, the collection comes with nine cards, all of which feature a unique prompt.

Prime Greetings Mother’s Day Card

This thoughtful Mother’s Day card eloquently puts into words what you might not be able to: how appreciate you are for your relationship with your mom and how much you enjoy having her around as both a parent and a friend. The front of the card features the word “mom” in floral, uppercase letters.

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