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U.S. surpasses 100,000 cases as Trump signs $2 trillion stimulus package

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President Donald Trump on Friday signed the $2 trillion economic stimulus bill that the House passed earlier in the day, while the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. surpassed 100,000.

The legislation signed by Trump and also unanimously passed by the Senate on Wednesday provides relief for workers and businesses devastated by the outbreak.

The United States now has more reported coronavirus cases than any other country, including China, as the number climbed past 100,000, according to NBC News' count.

In the U.K., Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted he tested positive for the coronavirus.

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France's Macron says he and Trump are preparing coronavirus initiative

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted late Thursday that he had a "very good discussion" with President Donald Trump, and that they "are preparing with other countries a new strong initiative in the coming days."

The tweet didn't give further details on the initiative. 

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe warned residents Friday that "we are settling in a crisis that will hold." He added that the epidemic will soon hit Paris and the surrounding region. 

France's initial 15-day lockdown period is set to end Saturday. Philippe said he would hold a press conference Saturday to announce the country's strategy and plans going forward. The president of the French Hospital Federation warned that some Paris hospitals would soon reach capacity, and called for the transfer of patients to less affected regions.

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At least 44 health workers in Italy have died from coronavirus

At least 44 health workers in Italy have died of the coronavirus as of Friday and the number is rising rapidly, according to the Italian Federation of Doctors.

The huge number of infections — now over 80,000 across the country — has overwhelmed hospitals particularly in the region of Lombardy. More than 8,000 people have died in Italy.

Health workers across the country have taken selfies of their faces, bruised from constantly wearing the personal protective equipment they need to protect themselves.

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Britons coughing at emergency workers could face jail


Anyone claiming to have coronavirus who deliberately coughs at emergency workers faces being jailed for two years, Britain’s Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill said on Thursday.

Hill said he was “appalled” there had been reports in recent days of people deliberately coughing in the faces of police, other emergency workers and shop staff by people claiming to have COVID-19 infections. Those responsible could face charges of common assault he said.

On Friday, the London Metropolitan Police Service called on retired officers — as well as those nearing retirement — to consider returning to or staying on the force, as the city tries to cope with the virus outbreak.

The British government announced a three-week lockdown on Monday, as the virus infected more than 11,000 people in the country as of Friday.

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Britain claps for health care workers in mass applause

People across the U.K. gathered on their doorsteps and balconies on Thursday night to show their appreciation to the country’s health workers.

From apartment blocks to 10 Downing Street, well-wishers paid tribute to all the staff in the National Health Service. Even the royal family got in on the action, with staff at Windsor Castle coming out to applaud and Prince William's children, George, Charlotte and Louis clapping on a video shared on social media.

Along with the applause, buildings across the country were lit up with blue lights in tribute to those working within the NHS and emergency services. One paramedic team was driving their ambulance down a residential street at the time of the applause, and flashed their lights in appreciation, while in Yeovil Hospital ICU doctors took time to applaud their colleagues.

The British government announced a three-week lockdown on Monday intended to slow the spread of the virus, which has infected more than 11,000 people and killed 578.

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Mexican zoo names new baby tiger 'Covid'

Image: A private Mexican zoo in Cordoba named a Bengal tiger cub Covid after the illness caused by the coronavirus.
A private Mexican zoo in Cordoba named its latest addition, a Bengal tiger cub, Covid after the illness caused by the coronavirus.Sofia Dorantes / Reuters

The birth of a baby tiger called "Covid" has brought a glimmer of hope to a private zoo in eastern Mexico, even as normal life slows down to contain the deadly coronavirus that inspired his name.

Named by the family that owns the zoo, Bengal tiger Covid was born on March 14 in the city of Cordoba in a small zoo that specializes in rescuing animals from circuses and exotic private collections.

"He's going to have a big impact because the situation right now is difficult for everyone, even for us," Kitzia Rodriguez, daughter of the zoo owner and a vet there, told Reuters. "But I think the birth, in spite of the situation, will help us and gives us hope to carry on, so we can have visitors. Covid was a gift."

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In Tokyo, face masks are a must-wear for commuters

Image: Commuters in Japan wear face masks on Thursday.
Commuters wear face masks as they make their way to work on Thursday in Tokyo, Japan. The city's Governor Yuriko Koike requested that residents stay inside this weekend after 41 cases of new coronavirus were confirmed. She warned that Tokyo, one of the largest and most densely populated cities on earth, could face a lockdown if there is a surge in new cases.Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty Images
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Trump speaks to China's Xi about coronavirus

President Donald Trump tweeted early Friday that he had a "very good conversation" with China's President Xi Jinping, and that the two leaders discussed the coronavirus pandemic and are working closely together.

State-run Xinhua reported that the two leaders had spoken. 

Trump has repeatedly called the coronavirus the "Chinese virus," even though the World Health Organization in 2015 said that diseases should not be named based on geographic locations. The outbreak began in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Trump this week seemed to back off from the term. Trump was asked about the change in language Thursday and said that the virus did come from China but "I think it was time" and that "I don't have to say it, if they feel so strongly about it."

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Montana governor latest to tell residents to stay home to slow spread of virus

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock issued a stay-at-home directive Thursday, which his office says requires residents to remain in their homes as much as possible and for nonessential businesses to temporarily close in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Montana has 90 cases of the coronavirus illness COVID-19, many of them in Gallatin and Yellowstone counties, which is where Bozeman and Billings are located, respectively. The order goes into effect Saturday.

Bullock also announced Thursday that the state has seen its first death related to the illness.

Like other orders around the country, essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open and residents are allowed to leave to go shopping, take walks or other outdoor exercise or to walk dogs, and to care for loved ones, among other activities.

1158d ago / 4:46 AM UTC

Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy to arrive in Los Angeles Friday

The Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy is expected to arrive in Los Angeles on Friday to support medical systems amid the coronavirus epidemic.

President Donald Trump on March 18 said two hospital ships — the other is the USNS Comfort, which departs Virginia for New York City on Saturday — would be deployed to help in the outbreak.

The Mercy set sail from San Diego this week. The Defense Department says the ship can hold up to 1,000 hospital beds, which will reduce the burden on regular hospitals that have to handle COVID-19 patients.

COVID-19 is the illness caused by the coronavirus. In Los Angeles County, the number of cases grew to 1,216 Thursday, including 21 people who have died, the health department said. There had been 559 new cases confirmed in the past 48 hours, and the department said the large increase was in part due to greater testing capacity that is allowing officials to identify cases.