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Trump, Biden campaigns head into final weekend

Presidential election news and campaign updates.
Image: President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on a background of concentric circles made up of blue and red stars.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are in the homestretch of their campaigns with Election Day just three days away.

Both candidates spent their time in battleground states.

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Trump caravan trails with Biden bus in Texas

A caravan of Trump supporters trailed a Biden campaign bus on I-35 in Central Texas on Friday, according to local officials and videos posted online — and two collided while driving close to the bus. 

One of the cars involved in the crash was a Trump supporter. 

The San Marcos Police Department received a call from the campaign bus requesting a police escort through the jurisdiction, a spokesperson for the city of San Marcos, Kristy Stark, said in an email, but officers were not able to catch up with the bus before it left the jurisdiction.

Stark said a Biden-Harris staffer later reported a car accident to police in nearby Kyle, Texas, but San Marcos department believes it occurred in their jurisdiction. 

Trump later tweeted a video of the incident, praising his supporters.

Later, during a campaign stop, Trump said: "Did anybody see the picture of their crazy bus driving down the highway, surrounded by like hundreds of cars? They're all Trump flags all over the place."

Caravans and car parades — made popular by pandemic social distancing requirements — have become a regular feature of the campaign trail, one particularly embraced by Trump supporters, but in recent weeks they've run up against early voting and other campaign activities, prompting voters to call the cops.

Fights and protests erupted when a caravan of hundreds of cars drove through New York City last weekend, according to the Associated Press. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, caravans of flag-waving Trump supporting vehicles drove near early voting locations appeared outside early voting polling locations in predominantly Latino neighborhoods, prompting cries of voter intimidation; the District Attorney’s office said an individual had been issued an notice for criminal trespassing. 

NBC News affiliate KXAN in Austin reported that the Biden campaign cancelled the events after the crash.

A view of a packed Trump rally


In quest for Latino votes, Miami early voting site is who's who of Trump, Biden supporters

If there is any doubt that the stakes are high in Florida in the quest for presidential votes, a trip to one of the busiest early voting sites in Miami-Dade County on Saturday involved a scene of celebrities, grassroots luminaries, politicians running for office, a popular YouTuber, and a man dressed in military fatigues surveying the crowd.

Sunday is the last day for early voting in Florida, making Saturday one of the last opportunities for candidates to make their cases and rally voters to turn out.

At the Coral Gables Public Library voting site, the scene outside included Latin music blaring, cars with flags and banners honking, free food and drinks, as well as Halloween candy for children.

It also included quite a few local and national celebrities.

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Trump supporters stage rally in Beverly Hills

While President Donald Trump was campaigning through swing states on Saturday, some of his supporters on the West Coast were having a rally of their own. Beverly Hills, California, has been the site of pro-Trump gatherings during recent weekends.


'That's what I do!': Obama scores on the court between campaign stops

As former President Barak Obama made the campaign rounds Saturday in Michigan for former Vice President Joe Biden, he took a break to shoot some hoops at a high school in Flint, Michigan. After scoring a three-pointer, he smiled and walked away, saying "That's what I do!" Biden's traveling digital director tweeted the court action.

Harris predicts a 'decisive decision' on election night

Kamala Harris said Saturday while campaigning in Florida that she was confident there would be a "decisive decision" on election night.

"I really do hope that," Harris told reporters, adding that "based on what I'm feeling and seeing here and around the country" she did not think the election results would end up in front of the Supreme Court, as President Trump has suggested. 

When asked about what she and Joe Biden would do if Trump jumped the gun and declared victory before the race was called, Harris said, "I'm not going to speculate about that."

"I really do believe that the American people have a line, that they will be unwilling to cross and that line, whoever they vote for," she said, predicting that "there will be a respect for the elections and the outcome."

"They want a peaceful transfer of power and will stand for our democracy whoever they voted for," Harris concluded. 

In her last and biggest event of the day, Harris told rallygoers in Palm Beach, “Florida is gonna determine in every way who will be the next president of the United States.”

Where will the candidates be on election night?

Donald Trump is expected to hold his election night celebration at his Trump International hotel in Washington, although there has been some talk of moving the festivities to the White House. 

Joe Biden will be in Delaware and plans to address the country from the Chase Center, the same location where he formally accepted his party's nomination in August. 

In Pennsylvania, small-town Trump defectors are rare — but could be decisive

It's hard to find a man like Victor Dennis in this evenly divided, deeply polarized, heavily courted corner of the county that most precisely mirrored President Donald Trump's statewide victory here in 2016.

All but a relative handful of voters in this small Northampton County town, 75 miles due west of the Statue of Liberty and 20 miles northeast of Allentown, have voted — or will vote — the same way that they did four years ago. There isn't much room for a change of heart in the town or in a county that Trump won 50 percent to 46 percent four years ago.

That's what makes voters like Dennis, 91, only a little more common than dragon-riding leprechauns. But the race is so tight here, and across the state, that just a small number of crossover voters could make the difference.

"First time in my life, I voted for a Democrat," Dennis, a longtime resident of Forks who now lives in a retirement community in nearby Nazareth, told NBC News on Friday after he finished packing groceries into his car in a strip mall parking lot. "I like a lot of the things Trump did, but I couldn't stand his bloviating."

Election experts say that the result in Pennsylvania is most likely to determine which candidate wins the presidency. This region, with its mix of bedroom communities for New York and Philadelphia, a health care economy that rivals its historical manufacturing base, and rural stretches dotted with small towns, is one of the most heavily contested in the country.

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D.C. university telling students to stock up on essentials before Election Day

The George Washington University in D.C. is encouraging students to stock up on essential goods, such as food and prescription drugs, ahead of the election, warning of the potential for there to be protests and unrest around the Washington area.

Some shops around D.C. have also begun to board up their storefronts in recent days in anticipation of protests. 

While D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has promised that the city will remain safe regardless of who wins, multiple groups are already planning demonstrations around Election Day.