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24 best gifts under $25 for everyone on your list

From an Apple AirTag leather holder and reusable notebook to sleek and stylish blue light glasses, these top picks under $25 are both functional and fun.
Indoor gardens in a sack, an ultra-sleek cell phone stand and an ‘80s and ‘90s Hum the Song Game are all favorites on this year’s best gifts under $25 list.
Indoor gardens in a sack, an ultra-sleek cell phone stand and an ‘80s and ‘90s Hum the Song Game are all favorites on this year’s best gifts under $25 list.Amazon ; Uncommon Goods ; Lowes

Finding the perfect gift already feels like a gamble. Finding the perfect gift under $25 might feel like a mission impossible. The line between thoughtful gift and dust-covered tchotchkes is thin, especially this holiday season: Between inflation and quality concerns, there is a healthy fear of the old adage “You get what you pay for.” But fret not, friends: Select has curated a thoughtful, fun and practical list of proven gifts all within that $25 price zone.

With something for everyone on your holiday nice list, these gifts under $25 will be sure to warm hearts, blow minds and leave your family and friends wondering what they did to deserve such extravagance.

Best gifts under $25 in 2022

From tech accessories that will simplify their lifestyle to games that will provide tons of fun with family and friends, these gifts will be cherished all year long and beyond.

Best unique gifts under $25

Here are our top choices for those on your list who love games, enjoy a little of the unusual or just need something to help them wind down and destress.

Back to the Roots Fabric Raised Garden Bed

If you know someone who is low on space but love gardening, this raised garden bed is just what their heart and green thumb have been waiting for. It has 3 cubic feet of space to grow herbs, vegetables and flowers and is made of breathable fabric that’s durable enough to use season after season, the brand says. Simply unfold, plant and grow.

Uncommon Goods ‘80s and ‘90s Hum the Song Game

If there’s someone on your list who loves music from the ‘80s and ‘90s (and who doesn’t?) this game is for them. Help them “Get into the groove” with this throwback to new wave, arena rock, hip-hop, the grunge scene and more. It's a great gift for Gen Xers and children properly raised by Gen Xers.

Hunt a Killer: The Detective’s Puzzle Book

If your friend or loved one has watched enough NBC Dateline to confidently claim they too can solve a murder, here is their chance. Hunt a Killer is an immersive murder mystery puzzle book guided by private eye Michelle Gray, who takes you from amateur sleuth to top-notch lead detective by helping you solve devious riddles and all sorts of intriguing logic puzzles.


Mixtiles turns that awesome filtered photo you snagged on vacation into a hangable work of art — just upload the picture and pick out the frame. Mixtiles require no nails and therefore no hammer — they simply style and stick. Each one starts at $15, but your recipient can keep adding to them to build an entire gallery wall (the company offers 12 Mixtiles for $99).

Roast Master Card Game

This is an ideal game for the person who thinks of the snappy comeback 10 minutes too late. But beware, it’s not for the easily insulted. The Roast Master Card game falls in the genre of Cards Against Humanity but with a unique take. The red cards set up the burn, and the yellow cards deliver the heat. The combinations are designed to create third-degree insults that are wildly funny.

SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash

For the dog lovers on your list, this 2-in-1 leash offers hands-on or hands-free puppy time. Built for medium- and large-sized dogs, this leash is powered by a flexible bungee and reinforced by stainless-steel clips, allowing for extra sense of security, the brand says.

Stress Relief & Selfcare Cards

Give the gift of zen this holiday season with this Allura & Arcia self-care card deck. Developed by a team of therapists, counselors and yogi professionals, it includes 52 mindfulness and meditation exercises to calm the nerves brought on by everyday merriment of the season. The cards can be used at work, the office or school or even on your daily commute.

HEAD LIGHTZ Fleece Beanie Hat

Take a brisk winter walk or go for a run without compromising on comfort with this fashion-forward Bluetooth beanie hat. This unisex hat has an integrated bright white LED light that’s lightweight, removable and USB-rechargeable, the brand says. The light can be adjusted to three different brightness levels. To wash, just pop out the light and throw the hat in the washer.

Body & Earth Love Scented Candle Set

If there’s someone on your list who could use a bit of de-stressing, this four-candle set may do the trick. Made of 100% natural soy wax, each candle has a different scent — lavender, vanilla, ocean and raspberry — providing a pleasant environment to calm the nerves. Another plus: Each set comes beautifully packaged in a gift box.

Uncommon Goods Fitness Dice

Spice up their fitness routine with the roll of a dice. Designed for all experience levels, the Fitness Dice will decide whether it’s a leg day, arm day or ab day. Roll six of the die to see which areas you will tackle; the seventh dice will determine the number of reps. Every roll can lead to one of 45,000 combinations.

Best tech gifts under $25

These tech-inspired gifts are not just for tech lovers, but also for those who simply need a little more organization in their life.

Apple AirTag Leather Loop

Do you have a friend or family member who relies on the Apple AirTag to keep track of their wallet, keys or phone? Let them carry it in style with this saddle brown leather AirTag Loop that will act as a holder for their tracker. The AirTag Loop can be attached to a purse, backpack or any other belonging the loop can fit securely around.

WearMe Pro Vintage Inspired Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Amazon-verified reviewers love these sleek and stylish semi-wireless frames and their ability to factor out damaging blue light. They're available in a bevy of colors, from classic black to shiny chestnut brown.

SLDawards AirPods Leather Case

Add a level of sophistication to AirPods with this beautiful leather carrying case with optional engraving. Made with thick genuine leather and featuring a sturdy clasp, this case can be hooked to a backpack, gym bag, key fob, belt loop and more. A cutout on the bottom allows you to plug in a charging cable.

GE Full-Color Direct Connect Smart Bulbs

Allow your friends or family members to set the mood in their room in a snap with these GE Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulbs. There are millions of color options to choose from, with no additional hardware required. The bulbs work with Alexa and Google Assistant so they can control them away from home or dim them while in the house.

MUZHI Charging Station

Give the gift of organization with the MUZHI Charging Station. It’s a one-stop charging spot for all devices without taking up any room at all. It features six USB ports, compatible with smartphones, smartwatches, headphones, tablets, laptops, AirPods and more.

Smartish Cable Wrangler

Help your loved ones wrangle those unruly cords with the Smartish Cable Wrangler. Compact and easy on the eyes, the Cable Wrangler uses the power of magnets to reel those wiley cords in every time. It's available in four snazzy colors and includes a lifetime warranty, the brand says.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

A great option for the person on your gift list who is trying to save the world and limit their footprint, the Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook features 36 pages of endless notetaking. Once thoughts are captured, just zoom your notes to your trusted cloud service and wipe the pages clean with a damp cloth and a fresh new notebook is ready for use.

Tech Accessory Bag

For the person on your list who wants a place for everything and everything in its place, this tech accessory bag will keep cables, adapters and chargers in place without tangling — even when shaken, turned over or dropped, the brand says. Made of waterproof material, this case offers a customizable grid that can be configured in a variety of convenient formations.

Adjustable Cellphone Stand

This stand is a godsend for anyone attempting to multitask. The handy phone stand is easily adjustable and compatible with a wide array of phone models 4 to 8 inches wide, the brand says. It also comes in nine sleek colors.

Video Conference Lighting Kit

Lights, camera, Zoom with this video conference lighting kit. Just clip the kit to your monitor and join the Zoom with confidence. Featuring five brightness modes, from warm warm to cold white, the lighting schematic can be perfectly adjusted to meet everyone’s needs in any situation.

Best practical gifts under $25

For those who have everything, a useful gift can be a good option. Here are some of the less obvious ones that the most practical people on your list should appreciate.

Seven Sparta Cup Extender

The Seven Sparta Cup Extender is the beverage equivalent of fitting a square peg into a round hole. Seven Sparta’s base expands to fit cup holders in different vehicles — it's the answer to securely holding water bottles, coffee mugs and even oversized Thermoses. As someone who enjoys putting her coffee mug into her cup holder, I am personally overjoyed.

Justin Case Commuter Car Emergency Kit

A great gift for anyone who perpetually leaves their car lights on or forgets their car is on E, this roadside emergency kit includes jumper cables, a flashlight with batteries, a tow strap, a rain poncho, knit gloves, a first-aid kit and a 365-day Justin Case Roadside Assistance. To sign up for the roadside assistance, simply fill out the enclosed membership card and mail it in. A one-year enrollment card will be sent back in the mail a few weeks later. No membership fees required.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer seems to make our gift list every year. With a 4.2-star average rating across more than 50,000 customer reviews, this mug warmer is a bestseller on Amazon. Easy to clean and easy to transport, this gift is ideal for any warm beverage drinker and is especially fitting for a new parent who can’t recall the last time they had a warm cup of coffee.

Travel Sunglasses Holder

This sunglass holder is made with triple-layered vegan leather and strong magnets — just clip the magnetic holder together and go. It's ideal gift for runners, bikers and people who constantly hang their glasses on to their shirts.

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