Nevada caucuses live updates: Bernie Sanders wins Nevada Democratic caucuses

The candidates — not including Mike Bloomberg, who is not on the ballot — competed for the state's 36 pledged delegates.
Image: The Nevada caucuses will take place on Feb. 22, 2020.
The Nevada caucuses will take place on Feb. 22, 2020.Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

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Bernie Sanders was the winner of Saturday's Nevada caucuses, according to an NBC News projection.

Saturday's caucuses followed a fiery debate among the candidates earlier in the week in which Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren challenged former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg on sexism and race and Amy Klobuchar sparred with Pete Buttigieg over their political experience.

Nevada is the first Western state in the Democratic presidential primary following New Hampshire and the chaos that was the Iowa caucuses.

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Live Blog

Teens say it's been 'pretty chill' to work on caucuses

At Rancho High School near downtown Las Vegas, most of the volunteers running the caucus were high school students.

The students were between 15 to 18 years old.

"This is the next generation," said Yesenia Moya, 30, who was the temporary precinct chair. "I’m proud to be a part of this today."

NBC News Entrance Poll: Young, first-time voters make up large share of Nevada’s Latino Democrats

Latino voters account for 1 in 5 participants in Saturday’s Nevada Democratic presidential caucuses. They are substantially younger and less likely to hold a college degree than white Nevada Democrats — and are more likely to be attending a Democratic caucus for the first time, early results from the NBC News Entrance Poll show.

More than half of Latino Democratic caucusgoers are under age 45, compared to just a third of white caucusgoers. Nearly two-thirds of Nevada’s Latino voters are participating in a Democratic caucus for the first time; that’s true for less than half of white voters.

Among Latinos at Saturday’s Democratic caucuses, 78 percent support replacing private health insurance with a single government-run plan, a substantially higher share than among white voters (60 percent).

Entrance poll results indicate that Bernie Sanders enjoys a wide lead among Nevada's Latino caucusgoers. 

'Just get Mike Bloomberg in there': Clint Eastwood distances himself from Trump

Longtime Republican Clint Eastwood is pulling support from Donald Trump in the 2020 election. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the actor-director signaled that he thinks a different candidate would be the better choice.

"The best thing we could do is just get Mike Bloomberg in there," he said.

After endorsing Mitt Romney and famously delivering a speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention to an empty chair that represented Barack Obama, Eastwood never officially backed Trump. In a 2016 interview, he expressed displeasure with Trump and Hillary Clinton, saying there's "much funny business on both sides of the aisle."

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Biden volunteer puts the sell on undecided voter

Beverly Jackson, a precinct captain for U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, tries to convince another voter who said they were leaning towards Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren or Senator Amy Klobuchar to come over to the Biden camp inside the caucus at Liberty High School in Henderson, Nev., on Feb. 22, 2020.Patrick T. Fallon / Reuters

ANALYSIS: Strong Latino support for Sanders portends even tougher road ahead for rivals

Early exit polls show Sanders winning 51 percent, a slight majority, of Latino voters in the Nevada caucuses. In a two-person race, that lead wouldn't be such a big deal. In the scramble that is the Democratic nomination contest, it's a huge figure with magnified implications for the Super Tuesday delegate chase coming up in about 10 days.

Here's why: Fourteen of the 53 House districts in California are Hispanic-majority, and more than half of them have Latino populations exceeding 35 percent. If California Latinos and Latinas vote like their counterparts in Nevada, Sanders is in great shape to dominate many of those districts and net a large number of delegates out of them collectively.

A similar dynamic is at play in Texas, where district-level delegates are decided by state Senate seats rather than congressional seats. In the Lone Star state, 7 of the state's 31 districts are Hispanic-majority, and many others have significant Latino influence.

Sanders is holding a rally in Texas Saturday afternoon.

Some Dem candidates temper expectations as Nevada caucus results roll in

Amy Klobuchar said she's a viable candidate no matter what happens Saturday, Joe Biden pivoted to his fundraising and Elizabeth Warren literally jogged away and yelled "back to the car" after reporters asked each nominee how they were feeling about their chances as the initial results for the Nevada caucuses began to trickle in.

The three top candidates seemed to be tempering expectations before there is a clear outcome, and many pointed to future contests and their investments in other upcoming states' contests. Early results in Nevada indicate Bernie Sanders had a significant advantage over the other contenders in Saturday's race.

But while Klobuchar, Warren and Biden were still in Nevada visiting caucus locations, it appeared the Vermont senator had already shifted his gaze to Super Tuesday and left for El Paso, Texas, where he was scheduled to hold a rally in the late afternoon. 

Some Nevada caucus sites facing volunteer shortages

LAS VEGAS — Voters were turning out for the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, but there was a lack of volunteers to meet them at some polling locations.

At Rancho High School, a caucus location with 11 precincts just outside of Las Vegas, almost all of the volunteers were high school students, many of whom are unable to vote themselves because of their age. The only adult that NBC News spotted working at the site was the caucus lead — the school's social studies teacher. The students were only trained Friday night, and officials were actively looking for more adult volunteers to help coach the teens through the process.

At another precinct near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, a state Democratic official told campaign representatives that there weren't enough volunteers statewide, and that the campaigns might have to staff voting locations themselves.

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NBC News Entrance Poll: Among Nevada Democrats, black and Latino voters more likely to say they are moderate or conservative

Black and Latino voters — who make up a bigger share of the electorate in Saturdays’s Nevada Democratic caucuses compared to previous 2020 contests — are more likely to call themselves “moderate” or “conservative” than white Democrats, early results from the NBC News Entrance Poll show.

Half of black Democrats in Nevada said they are either moderate or conservative, as did about 4 in 10 Latinos. Just 3 in 10 white Nevada Democratic caucusgoers said the same. 

Overall, Nevada’s Democratic electorate leans liberal. Two-thirds of Saturday’s caucusgoers said they are “very” or “somewhat” liberal — a share comparable to Democratic voters earlier this month in Iowa (68 percent) and New Hampshire (61 percent).

Tulsi Gabbard supporters look a little lonely

Three supporters Tulsi Gabbard sit alone in her section of the Nevada Democratic Caucus at Cheyenne High School in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Three supporters of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard sit alone in her section of the Nevada Democratic Caucus at Cheyenne High School in North Las Vegas, Nev. on Feb. 22, 2020.Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

NBC News Entrance Poll: No significant bump for Warren among late-deciding voters in Nevada

Elizabeth Warren's performance in Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate failed to sway many late-deciding voters in Saturday’s Nevada Democratic caucuses.

Early results from the NBC News Entrance Poll show Warren in third place — at 17 percent — among Nevada Democrats who say they decided on their vote in the last few days; Bernie Sanders holds a thin lead among this group. Warren's performance among these voters isn't that different from her fourth-place standing among earlier deciders; 11 percent of those who decided before the last few days supported her. 

According to NBC News, the race is currently too early to call, but Sanders has a significant lead in the initial preference vote based on early entrance polls.

'I love you!': Las Vegas voter gets emotional after meeting

While visiting a caucus site in Las Vegas, Biden was greeted by supporters including Tina Edwards, a retiree, who became overwhelmed with emotions when she saw Biden. “Mr. Joe Biden! I love you! Oh my goodness,” she said before embracing him and crying.

After her emotional encounter with Biden, Edwards told reporters off-camera that the former VP needs "to be my president" because she doesn’t "want to have to go through another four years of drinking" with President Donald Trump.