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Pfizer vaccine nears authorization for use

The U.S. registered 229,928 new cases and 3,110 deaths on Thursday — new single-day records.
Image: Registered nurse Tamara Jones dresses in PPE outside an isolation room in the intensive care unit at Roseland Community Hospital on the South Side of Chicago
Registered nurse Tamara Jones dresses in PPE outside an isolation room in the intensive care unit at Roseland Community Hospital on the South Side of Chicago. Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

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More people in the United States have died this year from Covid-19 than were killed in four years of fighting on the battlefields during World War II, NBC News data shows.

On Thursday, the U.S. again broke single-day Covid-19 records for both reported deaths and cases. The country saw 229,928 new cases and 3,110 deaths. The previous single-day record was just on Wednesday. The rise in cases in large parts of the country has prompted dire warnings about hospital capacity and whether colder weather and the holiday season will help the virus spread.

On Thursday, Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine got the recommendation from an independent panel of experts that the FDA authorize it for emergency use. The FDA is not obligated to go along with the panel's recommendation, but it is widely expected to authorize the vaccine for emergency use promptly.

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