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Harris vs. Pence: Vice presidential debate updates and analysis

Wednesday's vice presidential debate comes less than a week after Trump announced he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris faced off in a heated debate Wednesday night, their first and only matchup.

The 90-minute debate started shortly after 9 p.m. ET at the University of Utah's Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City.

This live coverage has ended. Continue reading more on the debate here.

The coronavirus pandemic was a prominent topic at the debate, which came less than a week after President Donald Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19. As head of the White House coronavirus task force, Pence has faced criticism over the administration's response to the pandemic.

Read highlights from the debate, including fact-checks, takeaways and who some experts think won.

897d ago / 2:14 AM UTC

Fact check: Manufacturing job losses under Obama, Trump


897d ago / 2:11 AM UTC

Harris pivots to push talking points

897d ago / 2:10 AM UTC

Page shuts Pence down after he refuses to follow debate rules

897d ago / 2:10 AM UTC

Fact check: Did the Trump-Pence White House scrub references to 'climate change' from websites?

897d ago / 2:08 AM UTC

Attacks and interruptions grow

897d ago / 2:07 AM UTC

Fact check: Would a Biden administration ban fracking, as Pence claims?

897d ago / 2:06 AM UTC

Harris addresses Kayla Mueller's parents, who are in the audience tonight

897d ago / 2:04 AM UTC

This is who's talking about Trump more


897d ago / 2:04 AM UTC

Fact check: Did Obama and Biden leave the national stockpile empty?

897d ago / 2:04 AM UTC

Fact check: W.H. could have done 'everything right' and 200k Americans could have still died

897d ago / 1:58 AM UTC

Pence called Obamacare 'a disaster' but used it to expand Medicaid in Indiana

897d ago / 1:54 AM UTC

Harris, like Biden, tries to speak directly to viewers

897d ago / 1:54 AM UTC

Pence addresses talking points that Trump left out

897d ago / 1:51 AM UTC

Twitter reacts to Susan Page's moderating

897d ago / 1:49 AM UTC

Fact check: Pence calls the Obama admin's swine flu response 'a failure'

897d ago / 1:48 AM UTC

Covid, Trump and the economy are most talked about topics so far

897d ago / 1:48 AM UTC
897d ago / 1:47 AM UTC

Pence's answer on climate change just doesn't line up with reality

897d ago / 1:45 AM UTC

Trump weighs in, rails on Biden-Harris over fracking

897d ago / 1:42 AM UTC
897d ago / 1:41 AM UTC

Pence interrupts Harris again, claiming Biden will repeal the Trump tax cuts

897d ago / 1:40 AM UTC

Analysis: White House *has* spared expenses in coronavirus relief

897d ago / 1:36 AM UTC

Pence congratulates Harris on the ‘historic nature’ of her nomination

897d ago / 1:34 AM UTC

Harris goes after Trump on his taxes

897d ago / 1:32 AM UTC

Plexiglass barriers aren't stopping the interruptions

897d ago / 1:31 AM UTC

Harris' facial expressions are a big hit on Twitter

897d ago / 1:29 AM UTC

Harris says no to a Trump-endorsed vaccine

897d ago / 1:28 AM UTC

Fact check: Trump 'minimized the seriousness' of the coronavirus

897d ago / 1:27 AM UTC

Pence dodges question about any agreement with Trump on issue of presidential disability

897d ago / 1:22 AM UTC

Trump's not on stage, but the president is coming up a lot

897d ago / 1:19 AM UTC

What's a superspreader event?

897d ago / 1:18 AM UTC

Pence tries to interrupt Harris; she shoots him down

897d ago / 1:16 AM UTC

Out of the gate, Harris, Pence spar over Trump coronavirus response

897d ago / 1:11 AM UTC

Susan Page says she’s there to enforce strict debate rules

897d ago / 1:07 AM UTC

What will the interruptions look like tonight? We're tracking

897d ago / 1:02 AM UTC

Candidates’ families wearing masks in audience

897d ago / 12:54 AM UTC

The socially distant debate audience

897d ago / 12:46 AM UTC

Disposable pink masks abound at the venue


897d ago / 12:44 AM UTC
897d ago / 12:42 AM UTC

Trump eager to get back on trail as early as next week

897d ago / 12:36 AM UTC

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris reflect America's demographic transformation

897d ago / 12:23 AM UTC
897d ago / 12:20 AM UTC

How the veep debates have rated

897d ago / 11:59 PM UTC

Congress remains vulnerable to Covid despite White House outbreak


897d ago / 11:43 PM UTC

ANALYSIS: The inherent conflicts at this VP debate

897d ago / 11:28 PM UTC

Progressive women's groups launch effort to combat disinformation about Harris

897d ago / 11:13 PM UTC

Jimmy Carter praises Harris' 'talent and charisma' ahead of debate

897d ago / 10:56 PM UTC

Trump declares himself cured of the coronavirus

897d ago / 10:42 PM UTC

New England Journal of Medicine: 'Dangerously incompetent' politicians must go

897d ago / 10:28 PM UTC

Look what Trump made her do: Taylor Swift endorses Biden

897d ago / 10:19 PM UTC

Pence, Harris to meet in vice presidential debate as Covid cases surge in the White House

897d ago / 10:01 PM UTC

Kamala Harris could boost Asian American voter turnout, researchers say

897d ago / 9:43 PM UTC

Biden campaign to resume negative ads

897d ago / 9:30 PM UTC

Trump has Covid-19 antibodies. What does that mean?

897d ago / 8:59 PM UTC

Emhoff: Pence may sound 'normal,' but he'll be 'defending the indefensible'

897d ago / 8:49 PM UTC

Trump returns to Oval Office despite being treated for coronavirus


897d ago / 8:24 PM UTC

Plexiglass dividers at the VP debate won't do much, experts say

897d ago / 7:51 PM UTC

Pence and Harris reflect America's demographic transformation

897d ago / 7:42 PM UTC

Pence has one unusual debate guest tonight


897d ago / 7:40 PM UTC

Trump back in Oval Office

897d ago / 6:24 PM UTC

Pelosi: 'I wouldn't go anywhere near the White House'


897d ago / 6:04 PM UTC
897d ago / 5:30 PM UTC

Trump’s doctor says president told him 'I feel great!'

897d ago / 4:55 PM UTC

The Pences test negative for Covid-19

897d ago / 4:34 PM UTC

Pence vs. Harris: 5 things to watch at their only debate

897d ago / 4:05 PM UTC

Postal worker arrested after mail and ballots found dumped

897d ago / 3:53 PM UTC

White House says it has completed contact tracing for positive cases


897d ago / 3:42 PM UTC
897d ago / 3:10 PM UTC

Trump posts dozens of times in seemingly endless tweetstorm as he battles Covid infection

897d ago / 2:49 PM UTC

Here's what the plexiglass barriers look like

897d ago / 2:21 PM UTC

Meadows, Kudlow give conflicting statements about whether Trump went to the Oval Office


897d ago / 1:43 PM UTC

ANALYSIS: Sick with coronavirus, Trump puts his presidency on steroids


897d ago / 1:04 PM UTC

Trump's illness puts Pence in a tough spot for debate

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897d ago / 1:03 PM UTC

Pence and Harris prep for a debate with suddenly higher stakes

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897d ago / 1:03 PM UTC

Everything you need to know about Wednesday's debate