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Nixplay launches 10.1-inch touchscreen smart photo frame

Nixplay just unveiled its first-ever touchscreen smart photo frame, which can also be controlled from your phone.
Image of a touchscreen Nixplay Picture Frame and a woman using the touchscreen picture frame. Check out the Nixplay 10.1-inch digital smart photo touchscreen frame. See how the new frame can still be controlled through the Nixplay app, your phone and more
In its first new release in three years, Nixplay launched a 10.1-inch touchscreen smart frame.Courtesy Nixplay

In the past few years, the market has become more saturated with smart photo frames that can be controlled via Wi-Fi, apps and more. Computer brand Lenovo released its own Smart Frame with an Android 10 operating system in 2020, Samsung released a new version of the Frame TV in 2021 and Wi-Fi router brand Netgear acquired smart frame company Meural back in 2018.

As tech expert Whitson Gordon previously explained, digital picture frame maker Nixplay is one of the largest players in the smart photo frame space. While competitors have partnered with NFT platforms and expanded their offerings, the brand has held off releasing a new model for three years. Today, Nixplay is finally unveiling a new frame — for the first time, it will feature touchscreen navigation instead of remote control access.

Nixplay Wi-Fi Touch Frame

The new Nixplay Smart Photo Frame Touchscreen is a 10.1-inch frame with an HD screen resolution of 1280x800p. You can put your photo frame on a mantle or tabletop with the stand in either portrait or landscape mode, or remove the stand and hang it on the wall with the brand’s wall-mounting system.

Like previous Nixplay models, the new frame can be controlled via Wi-Fi, Google Photos, Amazon Alexa and the Nixplay App. Users can also upload photos from Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram through the Nixplay website and categorize the photos into playlists.

Since the new Nixplay has a touchscreen, it does not come with a remote to control the frame like all of the other models. However, the brand says you can fully control your frame via your phone whenever you don’t feel like walking over to it. The frame can also turn on and off automatically whenever it detects motion nearby if you don’t want its glare on all the time.

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