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How we chose the 2023 Bed & Bath Awards winners

Here's how we reviewed our products and more.
Learn more about how we chose our winners for the Select Best of Bed and Bath Awards 2023.
Learn more about how we chose our winners for the Select Best of Bed and Bath Awards 2023.Kara Birnbaum / Andrew Ward / NBC

First and foremost, our team compiled all previous coverage from NBC Select’s bed and bath-related categories. From there, we chose products that were featured in our articles and did a competitive market research analysis on new and additional products, including ones that are expert-recommended and highly rated.

Products underwent a five-week trial period before being selected as our favorites in their respective category. We utilized our editors as shopping and trying experts, with each editor testing multiple products within their assigned category. Each editor was given the same testing criteria during the five-week period to ensure each item was held to the same standards and procedures. 

When we look at any products, especially bed and bath items, we look at them comprehensively. To be our favorite in a category requires fulfilling a multitude of our readers’ needs. We want to provide products that perform well, but we also want to share ones that allow our readers to upgrade their lives. Among other things, we specifically looked at price, fabric quality, absorbency and effectiveness. Each category required different criteria to consider during our trial period.

As part of the trial process, 13 testers scored items on a scale of 1 to 5. The products were evaluated, among other things, on the below criteria:

Fabric and material quality

  • How do the bed sheets feel to the touch, before and after being laundered?
  • Is the construction and stitching durable?
  • Were the sheets or towels piling, staining or fading after one week of use?
  • Does the robe feel soft when worn?


  • After using the pillow for a week, how do your head and neck feel?


  • Did the pillow’s outer fabric, inner fill and construction lead to a cooler sleep?
  • Did you wake up throughout the night feeling damp or sweaty?


  • Does the length and coverage of the robe feel comfortable?
  • Do the blackout curtains cover your entire window, adequately blocking any light?


  • After pouring a tablespoon of water on the towel and bath mat, how long does it take before the item feels dry to the touch?

What our badge means

When a product carries the Select badge, you can trust that our team of editors as shopping experts vetted the item thoroughly. We are journalists, first and foremost, which means we will always do our research and reporting.

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