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The best affordable beach towels of 2021: Amazon, Target and more

For a day by the pool or at the beach, these are a few top rated beach towels to consider this summer.
Smiling young man relaxing on the beach, sitting on a colorful beach towel
Here are a few of the best oversized, round and personalized beach towels to dry off with. Westend61 / Getty Images

As the summer quickly approaches, Shopping readers seem to be preparing to spend more time outdoors — searching for the right spray sunscreen and lounge chairs for the patio. The heat also might mean it’s time to put away the heater and turn on a portable air conditioner or cooling fan. And if you’re planning on staying by the pool or going to the beach this summer, you could be looking for an affordable beach towel to take with you. To help, we gathered a few of the most top rated beach towels from retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and more.

Best affordable beach towels of 2021

From microfiber to quick-drying, these are a few of the highly rated beach towels we’ve found ahead of the official start of summer.

Best oversized beach towels

Dock & Bay Quick Drying Beach Towel

A popular pick on Amazon, this beach towel has earned an average 4.6-star rating over more than 1,000 reviews. You can choose between two sizes — Large, which measures 63 inches by 35 inches, or Extra Large, which measures 78 inches by 35 inches. This towel comes in stripes and you can choose between colors like Cancun Green, Ipanema Orange and Malibu Pink. Made mostly of polyester, the brand claims this towel is designed to dry quickly and stop sand from sticking to it.

Laguna Beach Textile Co. Cabana Beach Towel

This large towel measures 70 inches by 35 inches. Made from cotton, the towel is meant to be both absorbent and plush. Another popular choice among Amazon shoppers, this towel has earned an average 4.6-star rating over close to 1,400 reviews. You can choose between different shades for the stripe pattern, including Black and Gray and Midnight Blue and Seafoam.

Sun Squad Reversible Cabana Striped Beach Towel

For a day out in the sun, this beach towel is made from OEKO-TEX certified cotton, which means the material has been tested for harmful substances. The towel features contrasting colored stripes on each side and currently, you can choose between four colorways: Black/Gray, Mint/Pink, Pink/Orange and Green/Navy. This towel has an average 4.4.-star rating over more than 70 reviews on Target.

Better Homes & Gardens Oversized Beach Towel

This oversized option measures 38 inches by 72 inches. The brand says this cotton beach towel has been treated with an antimicrobial treatment that’s meant to help protect against mildew. Pick between patterns like Stripes in cooler hues and Neotropics, a neon leaf design. With Walmart shoppers, this towel has earned an average 4.9-star rating over more than 200 reviews.

Best round beach towels

Polly House Large Round Beach Towel

For those searching for a circular beach towel, this option has garnered an average 4.6-star rating over close to 500 reviews on Amazon. Made from microfiber, the towel is designed to be both quick drying after every use. You can choose between patterns like Pineapple, which also features navy stripes, and a colorful Double Fish design. All Around Giant Circle Towel

You have three options to choose from with this towel: the first says “one with the sun,” another is in the shape of an orange slice and one features a daisy design. This cute towel is made from terry cloth and features a cotton tassel trim. It has earned an average 5-star rating over more than 100 reviews at

Best personalized beach towels

Bed Bath & Beyond Classic Stripe Personalized Beach Towel

With this kids’ beach towel, you can customize by choosing between eight colors and adding your name, which will repeat within one of the white stripes. The towel features a polyester front and a cotton velour back. At Bed Bath & Beyond, it has garnered an average 4.4-star rating over close to 200 reviews.

Ben Kaufman Personalized Joey Velour Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

You can choose between five colorways with this cotton beach towel — including Red and Turquoise stripes — which you can also customize with your name in embroidered letters. This towel has earned an average 4.7-star rating over more close to 200 reviews on Amazon.

Where to buy beach towels

If you’re looking for more options for beach towels, these trustworthy retailers offer a variety of styles and colors.

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