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The Evertone Prosage massager is down to $88 right now

Adding vibration percussive deep tissue massage with the Prosage Massage Gun to your workouts can reduce joint pain, muscle pain, and improve recovery.
Evertone / StackCommerce
/ Source: StackCommerce

Chances are you've seen percussive therapy in action on Instagram, where videos of the slow-motion ripples caused by what looks like a power drill massager have gone viral. This type of massage aims to increase blood circulation and grow muscle tissue through the use of rapid pulses.

While some of the name brands of deep tissue massagers can get pricey, you can get the Evertone Prosage Deep Tissue Massager for $88 right now. Use code 20SAVE20 to trigger the additional savings.

The idea is that after using a massage gun, you'll notice a decrease in joint and muscle pain, as well as notice an increase in mobility. It works for anyone who works out frequently or finds themselves prone to lactic acid build-up.

The Evertone Prosage Deep Tissue Massager, in particular, comes with three different massage levels so you can customize your recovery experience. Simply place the massage gun over a certain muscle group you want to focus on.

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