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OXO launches outdoor cooking collection: What you should know

Everything in OXO’s new outdoor cooking collection is under $25 — and will initially only be available at REI’s site and stores.
Illustration of a cutting board, cast iron scrubber, lifestyle images of eggs cooking on a grill and a man grilling outdoors using tongs. OXO Outdoor is OXO's first line of outdoor cooking gear. Shop outdoor cooking essentials including grill tongs, pans,
Here’s what to know about OXO Outdoor, the brand’s first collection dedicated to outdoor cooking essentials. Courtesy OXO

OXO, which is known for its kitchen utensils and organization essentials, launched an affordable line dedicated to outdoor cooking tools and gadgets in collaboration with REI, a popular purveyor of camping equipment and travel gear. The collection — OXO Outdoor — features 10 new products like the Grill Turner and Tongs Set, Campsite Squeeze Bottle Set, Steady Surface Cutting Board and Cast Iron & Grill Pan Brush.

This isn’t OXO’s first foray into grilling tools — the company carries skewer sets and basting brushes already — but it is the first outdoor cooking collection that the brand has ever released. Rather than being just for use in a backyard, the line is “specially curated with REI to meet the needs of car campers and RVers,” explained an OXO spokesperson. It will launch exclusively at REI initially, which is one of OXO’s retail partners. Three of the products in the collection — including a French press, chef’s knife and griddle turner — aren’t available for purchase yet and OXO hasn’t publicly announced when they will be.

Everything in OXO’s new outdoor line

OXO Outdoor will initially launch with 10 products — as mentioned above, three aren’t available to buy just yet. You can find the rest of the products at REI (both online and in-store) exclusively starting this month and OXO hasn’t revealed what other companies will carry the line in the future. OXO will continue to roll out new products for the line in the next couple of years, according to the press release. Below is everything in the collection — all products that can be shopped now are under $20 and the entire 10-piece collection is under $25.

OXO Outdoor Cast Iron & Grill Pan Brush

The brand says this brush is specifically designed for cast iron, carbon steel and non-stick cookware to scrub off without the need for soap. It features an angled bristle to get into grooves and a non-slip handle to make it easier on your hand while cleaning.

OXO Outdoor Pots + Pans Scraper

Like the brush above, this dishwasher-safe scraper is meant to help clean around when out in the outdoors. But it’s supposed to be used before washing, to get rid of grease from dishes ahead of actually washing them with water. It features a flexible silicone tip and non-slip grip.

OXO Outdoor Campsite Squeeze Bottle Set

This set includes 12-ounce and 16-ounce bottles with interchangeable lids for condiments like mustard and mayo, along with oils and marinades. The dishwasher-safe and leak-resistant lids come with an attached cap that the brand says is designed for one-handed opening and closing. The bottles also have measurement markings along their sides.

OXO Outdoor 2-Piece Flexible Silicone Utensil Set

The line’s silicone utensil set is supposed to resist high heat (the brand doesn’t mention a specific temperature, however). The silicone used is both BPA-free and food-safe. The dishwasher-safe set features non-slip handles as well and flexible edges to scrape off any leftovers.

OXO Outdoor Grill Turner and Tongs Set

This set includes a turner with an edge to scrape grills, grates and griddles and tongs with angled heads to help transfer larger foods to and from the grill. Both are dishwasher-safe. The two come with built-in bottle openers and non-slip silicone points on their handles.

OXO Outdoor Steady Surface Cutting Board

The line’s two-sided cutting board is designed to be durable and odor-resistant. It features non-slip feet to keep it steady while on uneven surfaces and a built-in drip catcher with what the brand describes as easy pour corners.

OXO Outdoor Can + Bottle Opener

OXO’s can opener features a stainless steel cutting wheel with a built-in bottle opener. It has purposely large handles with a non-slip grip that also work even when wet and a turning knob that’s meant to be oversized .

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