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Hatch’s new feature will help your little one drift off to sleep

Now loved ones can record sweet messages to play at bedtime.
The new “Tuck-In by You” feature will be available on the Hatch Rest and and Hatch Rest+ sound machines.
The new “Tuck-In by You” feature will be available on the Hatch Rest and and Hatch Rest+ sound machines.Hatch

If you are the parent of a little one, you know just how vital a white noise machine can be. It can block out household noises and calm their room, allowing them to sleep more peacefully. When it comes to white noise machines for kids, the Hatch Rest and Hatch Rest+ are amongst some of the most frequently buzzed about on the market. I’ve been using the Hatch Rest with my daughter since she was born three years ago and can’t imagine life without it. 

Recently, Hatch launched a new feature to its popular sound machine that can make bedtime even sweeter. “Tuck-Ins by You” will allow you to deliver audio messages from loved ones directly to your child via the Hatch Rest and Hatch Rest+. 

Learn more about this new feature and the Hatch Rest and Rest+ below. 

Hatch Rest Smart Sound Machine 2nd Gen

Now in its second generation, the Hatch Rest is a white noise machine and lamp that illuminates with customizable colors and plays 18 sounds, including nature, TV static and lullabies. Parents can adjust the sound and light on the lamp itself or with the Hatch app, which syncs via Bluetooth. You can also program color and sound to let an early rise know when they should stay in bed (for example, a red light and white noise sound) and when they can get out of bed (for example, a green light and chirping birds sound).  

The brand also has the Hatch Rest+, also in its second generation. This model has a charging base that allows you to juice up your machine with up to 8 hours worth of power. While the Rest must be plugged in, the Rest+ allows you to bring your sound machine and lamp around the room—ideal for bringing it to a changing table for a late-night diaper change. 

How does the “Tuck-Ins by You” work on the Hatch Rest? 

“Tuck-Ins by You” allows you or other loved ones to record audio notes — like a personal message, a reading of a child’s favorite bedtime story or a lullaby — and then play them to your child whenever you want. You can also program them to play at the same time every night. 

Hatch says “Tuck-Ins by You” are a good way to incorporate relatives who live far away into your children’s daily lives. They also note that research from the Journal of Pediatrics has found that recordings of the maternal voice have been found to promote improved sleep when a mom cannot be physically present. 

“Tuck-Ins by You” is available on the Rest 2nd Gen and Rest+ 2nd Gen to customers who are subscribed to Hatch+. This subscription service gives users access to a larger library of sounds, meditations, lullabies, stories and more. The Hatch+ subscription costs $4.99 monthly or $49.99 for the year. 

Other Hatch white noise machines to consider

Though these Hatch machines do not offer “Tuck-Ins by You,” they are highly rated and provide calming white noise.

Rest Go

This portable sound machine, roughly the size of a fist, can be clipped to a stroller, thrown in a diaper bag or hung on a travel crib. It can play ten sounds. You can turn it on and off and control the volume through buttons on the front of the device. It has a rechargeable battery, and a USB-C cable is included to charge it. The Rest Go comes in five different colors: peach, putty, honey, mint, and slate. 

Hatch Restore 2

Featured on our list of best white noise machines of 2024, the Hatch Restore 2 is a cross between a sunrise alarm clock and a sound machine that allows you to play white noise. Sunrise alarm clocks gradually light up to encourage you out of your slumber instead of suddenly jolting you awake, as standard alarm clocks do. “After using it for months, I can safely say that the Hatch Restore 2 (which the brand sent me to try) has altered my sleep for the better,” says Zoe Malin, NBC Select associate updates editor. “I no longer dread waking up because I have the device’s beautiful lightscape and serene noise to look forward to.”

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