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The Misen Dutch oven: Everything you need to know

Known for its popular Chef’s Knife, Misen added Dutch ovens to its line of kitchen essentials.
GIF Illustration of an open and close dutch oven in blue, from Misen and a hand opening the dutch oven
Misen launches its new Dutch oven in three colorways.Courtesy Misen

Misen, known for its kitchen essentials like the highly rated Chef’s Knife, is adding the Dutch oven to its lineup. Dutch ovens are versatile kitchen appliances designed to saute, sear, boil, fry, bake and braise in just one piece of cookware. In its latest release, Misen puts its own spin on the multi-functional Dutch oven by also offering chefs the ability to grill. Created with four coats of enamel, their Dutch oven is suitable for both stove and oven use. In addition to being oven-safe at up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the kitchenware is also dishwasher-safe.

Before launching, Misen’s Dutch oven raised over $4.2 million on Kickstarter, according to the brand. Along with the release, Misen also restocked its Saucier and Nonstick Pan – the pan is one of the brand’s most popular cookware in the collection, garnering a 4.9-star average rating from over 4,900 shoppers.

Misen Dutch Oven

In addition to boiling, sautéing and braising, Misen’s 7-quart Dutch oven also sports a grill lid, allowing cooks to use the cast iron lid as an indoor grill — you can choose to grab a traditional Dutch oven lid with a knob, too. Additionally, Misen’s Dutch oven features a large cooking surface – 12.5-inches by 13.5 inches wide – which provides a large surface for even cooking, according to the brand. Currently, the kitchenware comes in three colors: Blue, Black, and Red with Grey and Green coming in late August.

If you’re not completely sure about the product, Misen offers a 60-day test drive period to try it out — if you’re not into it, returns are totally free.

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