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5 best spin bike accessories for indoor cycling enthusiasts

Whether you grabbed a top-shelf exercise bike or sacrificed some bells and whistles and saved hundreds (if not more), cycling accessories can elevate your ride.
Home gym cycling indoors at living room. Shop the best spinning accessories for indoor cycling 2020 from Adidas, Athleta, Old Navy, Bandier, Theragun, Amazon, Walmart, Target and more.
Before hopping on your exercise bike consider adding these indoor cycling accessories you probably haven’t thought about to your shopping cart.Fito Pardo / Getty Images

Functional spinning accessories can help you utilize all your indoor exercise bike has to offer and customize your workout. Whether you're new to spinning or consider yourself an indoor cycling pro, you can transform your living room (or garage, if you're lucky) into a boutique fitness studio in the privacy and safety of your own home with a few new additions. For example, if you miss participating in Soul Cycle classes, light some candles and connect your Bluetooth speakers for a loud and fast fitness playlist. If your spin bike features a place to store lightweight dumbells, opt for hand weights with a non-slip grip such as this two-pound pair from P.volve. You can also incorporate general fitness accessories into your post-spinning recovery routine with a foam roller or Theragun electric massager to help relieve your muscles.

Best indoor cycling accessories

Here are five top-rated accessories to help you elevate your at-home workouts that go beyond some obvious choices such as a comfy pair of bike shorts, your go-to workout top and a sports bra.

1. Domain Cycling Seat Cover

Spinning is great for torching calories, but the seats can start to feel uncomfy after a while. Beyond sporting a comfy pair of moisture-wicking cycling shorts and keeping an anti-chafing stick handy, pad your exercise bike seat with a cushioned seat cover for additional support to help you ride longer. Domain’s highly-rated silicone gel seat features a non-slip underside so you don’t have to worry about sliding around while cycling.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness exercise mat

Sunny Health & Fitness, a Shopping reader-favorite brand, has been featured in our lineup of home fitness equipment, from under-desk ellipticals and treadmills to indoor exercise bikes and affordable indoor spin bikes. It unsurprisingly created a non-slip and sweat-resistant exercise mat made from PVC for any one of its highly-rated products. The mat catches sweat and acts as a barrier to help prevent floor damage and it is available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

3. TIEM Slipstream spinning shoes

These stylish kicks boast a 4.7-star average rating from more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon and are available in nine colors, including Vivid Pink and Black Geometric. TIEM's cycling shoes feature a single-strap velcro closure, making it easier to slip on and off your exercise bike of choice. The toe boxes are made from a breathable mesh fabric to help reduce how sweaty your feet get, to boot.

4. Hydro Flask water bottle

Quench your thirst with a water bottle featuring TempShield, the brand’s double-walled insulation that keeps your icy water cold without pesky condensation on the outside — it also keeps hot beverages warm, if you’re into that while working out. Hydro Flask says their BPA-free bottles are resistant to odors and bacterias, too, since they are made from food-grade stainless steel. The 24-ounce bottle, which is available in 13 colors, can fit into most exercise bikes’ water bottle holders, as well as into your car's cup holder and baby stroller.

5. Apple iPad

If your exercise bike doesn't include a screen to participate in live classes or doesn't track your metrics, consider grabbing an iPad, a Shopping reader-favorite gadget, to transform your spin bike into a smart fitness machine. Echelon's paid FitPass service includes various live and on-demand workout classes, Fitbit Premium offers insights into your physical activity and Sunny Health & Fitness offers free workouts on its YouTube channel. Attach your new iPad to a highly-rated tablet holder, like this discounted model from JUBOR, which offers 360-degree rotation and can be adjusted to fit a smartphone, too.

Where to buy the best spinning accessories

Spinning accessories also make for great gift ideas this holiday season, and you can find them at popular retailers or purchase directly through brands. Here are some of the widest-reaching online stores that should cover all things spinning accessories this holiday season and beyond.

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