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If you only ever buy one Skims product, make it the Everyday Crew Socks

Skims’ shapewear is great, but the brand’s socks will become your new obsession after one wear — and they’re only $10.
Skims Everyday Crew Socks are available in neutral colors like white, black, brown and tan, so you can pair them with any outfit or pair of shoes.
Skims Everyday Crew Socks are available in neutral colors like white, black, brown and tan, so you can pair them with any outfit or pair of shoes.Skims; Olivia Ott / NBC News

Sleeper Hits is our column dedicated to the secretly amazing products we’ve tried that should be more popular but aren’t (yet). 

When thinking about Skims, two things typically come to mind: its founder, whose reality show I keep up with religiously, and shapewear, including bralettes that are beloved by NBC Select staffers. I, however, hear “Skims” and immediately think of one thing: socks. A makeup company sent me a gift box over a year ago, and along with their cosmetics, they included a few pairs of Skims Everyday Crew Socks. At first, I paid no attention to them. I threw them into my sock drawer and focused on trying the tinted sunscreen I was reviewing. But eventually, I put the socks on and knew within one wear that they were the most comfortable pair I’d ever owned. 

Skims Everyday Crew Socks are lightweight enough to wear in the spring, yet warm enough to keep my feet toasty in the winter. They look great when they’re pulled up or pushed down, so I can wear them with any shoes. And their fabric is buttery soft, so I never want to take them off. Everyone needs a pair in their closet — if you only ever buy one thing from the brand, make it these socks.

A woman wearing Skims Everyday Crew Socks with high-top sneakers, boots and slippers.
Zoe Malin, NBC Select associate updates editor, loves Skims Everyday Crew Socks for their buttery soft fabric, lightweight feel and crew length.Courtesy Zoe Malin

What are Skims Everyday Crew Socks?

Skims Everyday Crew Socks

What we like
  • Buttery soft fabric
  • Semi-compressive
  • Lightweight yet cozy
Something to note
  • Fabric prone to pilling
  • Limited sizes

Skims Everyday Crew Socks are made from a fabric composed of polyester, polyamide and spandex. When you fully pull them up, they hit around the mid-calf area. The socks have a seamed toe, a ribbed knit cuff on the top and the Skims logo printed on the bottom.

You can purchase Skims socks in two sizes: 6+, which fits women’s shoe sizes 6 to 8, and 8+, which fits women’s shoe sizes 8 to 10. They’re available in 10 neutral colors like white, tan, brown and black. The socks are machine-washable, and if you buy three pairs, you get bundled pricing (three pairs for $26 instead of $30), making them an affordable, practical gift for anyone in your life. In fact, they often end up in my loved ones’ stockings during Christmas.

Why I love Skims Everyday Crew Socks

I think about socks a lot. I walk about 14,000 steps a day on average since I live in New York City, and while the right pair of shoes is important, socks can also make or break how comfortable and blister-free my feet are at the end of the day. My dresser drawers are overflowing with Bombas running socks and Feetures compression socks, but Skims Everyday Crew Socks are what I reach for most in my day-to-day life.

Perfect material

I can be having the worst day, but the moment I put Skims’ socks on my feet, I feel better. They’re buttery soft and smooth against my skin, which instantly adds a cozy element to whatever I’m wearing. I throw them on with slippers and a pajama set if I’m lounging around my apartment, as well as pair them with heeled boots and jeans for work. The socks aren’t so thick that they make my shoes feel tight, and not so thin that they don’t provide warmth in the colder months. They’re lightweight so they never make my feet hot, but they protect my skin from cold air if I’m outside on a chilly day.

Stay in place all day

One of my biggest pet peeves is when socks shift around as I’m walking. Skims Everyday Crew Socks avoid this issue due to their spandex content, which makes them slightly compressive and quite stretchy, plus gives them long-lasting elasticity. Skims’ socks hug my feet, ankles and calves, and they’re not loose at all — they’re like shapewear for my feet. They don’t shift around, causing fabric to bunch up in uncomfortable places, and they don’t slip down, causing me to constantly pull them up. I can walk the streets of Manhattan all day and never think about these socks because they’re so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them — that’s the ultimate reliability test.


I’ve owned my Skims socks for over a year, and I wear each pair at least once a week. Despite how many times I’ve washed them, their feel hasn’t changed at all. They’re still as soft and stretchy as they were on day one, which isn’t always the case with socks. I have a few pairs that got stiff and itchy after a few wash cycles, which now makes them unenjoyable to wear. Pilling is the only sign of wear and tare I’ve noticed, but it doesn’t bother me and is easy to remove with my Steamery Fabric Shaver.

Skims Everyday Crew Socks before using a fabric shaver (left) and after using a fabric shaver to get rid of pilling (right).
Pilling is the only sign of wear and tear Malin has noticed after wearing Skims Everyday Crew Socks for over a year, but it’s easy to remove with a fabric shaver.Courtesy Zoe Malin

Ideal length

Before Skims socks, I was exclusively an ankle socks person. And while I still prefer wearing them with workout sneakers and low-top lifestyle sneakers, Skims socks convinced me that crew is the ideal length for high-top sneakers (like my Converses) and boots. These socks extend up my ankles, providing a soft barrier between my shoes and skin, reducing the chance of chafing. In addition to wearing the socks pulled all the way up, they’re easy to scrunch or fold down, which I often do if I’m wearing them with leggings, tapered sweatpants, joggers or my Birkenstocks sandals.

Why trust NBC Select?

Zoe Malin is an associate updates editor at NBC Select who writes about clothing and footwear, including stories on wireless bras, bralettes, slippers and walking sneakers. For this article, she discussed her experience using the Skims Everyday Crew Socks, which she’s owned for over a year.

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