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New & Notable: Latest from Ring, Google Pixel, Great Jones and more

New releases include Google Pixel 6 phones, a UV-C wand from PhoneSoap and Febreze antimicrobial fabric spray.
Illustration of the Bruvi single-serve coffee maker, 2 Google Pixel 6 phone, the Lovesac couch sound system, and a PhoneSoap UV-C wand
New releases include Google Pixel 6 phones, as well as items from Lovesac, PhoneSoap and Bruvi. Courtesy Lovesac ; Google ; PhoneSoap ; Bruvi

In time for Halloween this weekend, Ring added new ways to customize its devices for the holiday, like choosing from six themed preset responses when you can’t get to the door — you can change your doorbell’s chime tone to a screeching cat or creaky door sound, as well as other options. Looking beyond Halloween, retailers are continuing to host early Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with notable discounts surfacing from Best Buy and Target to Amazon and Walmart. And in addition to global supply chain issues impacting shipments, retailers are facing packing material shortages, too.

Beyond recent shopping news, we’ve compiled new and notable launches from reader favorite brands and others we think you’ll want to know about.

Google releases Pixel 6 phones (pre-order)

Google released its Pixel 6 smartphones: the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro. Both phones offer improved camera performance compared to previous models and sport a new Tensor chip. The phones are built from scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and have an IP68 rating, meaning they’re dust- and water-resistant. The adaptive battery reserves power for your favorite apps, as well as can stay powered for up to 48 hours in Extreme Battery Saver mode. Pixel 6 phones are built with a Titan M2 security chip, adding privacy and security features to protect your personal data. Compared to the Google Pixel 6, the 6 Pro boasts a larger display, bigger battery and a telephoto camera.

Lovesac debuts new couch sound system

The StealthTech Sound + Charge system by Lovesac embeds speakers and wireless charging features into the brand’s Sactionals couch. You can purchase the system for a Sactionals couch you already own, or order it with a new couch. The system includes Dolby Digital surround sound speakers by Harman Kardon. It comes with two Sound + Change Sides with speakers, which wirelessly charges tech and features a power hub with a 120-volt outlet as well as USB-A and USB-C ports. The system also comes with a Subwoofer that’s installed inside a Sactionals Seat Frame and a Center Channel. You can expand the system with additional speakers and subwoofers, too. StealthTech’s technology tunes the system to the layout and shape of the couch, as well as fabric type, density and color. After connecting your TV to the system, you can control it using the included remote or companion app.

Febreze releases antimicrobial fabric spray

According to an online Febreze study of 1,008 Americans, about one in four say they have never sanitized soft surfaces like sofas or rugs in their homes. The brand aims for its new antimicrobial fabric spray to be an easy way for people to sanitize bedding, shoes, bags and more. The spray is formulated to kill bacteria, eliminate odors and prevent mold and mildew growth in fabric. To use, spray a surface until it's damp and let it dry for at least five minutes before use.

Great Jones introduces mixing bowls (pre-order)

Great Jones’ nesting mixing bowls are made from ceramic stoneware like the brand’s Hot Dish and Sweetie Pie bakeware. They’re microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe, and come in a set of three with small, medium and large size bowls. Each bowl features a different color design. Bowls boast high, fluted sides to help reduce mixtures splashing over the sides while whisking, and two pour spouts. Great Jones also launches a lid for its Hot Dish.

Bruvi introduces single-serve coffee maker (pre-order)

Bruvi, a new Wi-Fi enabled single-serve coffee machine, is currently available to pre-order — it ships in March. The appliance offers a 70-ounce water tank and brews beverages like coffee, espresso, cold brew and tea using its B-Pods, which are designed to break down in landfills or be recycled. You can personalize your beverage to be hotter, low acid, strong or iced, as well as choose from eight cup sizes ranging from 1 to 12 ounces. The coffee maker is built with a camera reader to identify pods, and a waste bin is integrated into the design — used pods are auto-dispensed into the bin after use. You can control the coffee machine manually or with the Bruvi app.

PhoneSoap launches UV-C wand (pre-order)

SurfaceSoap UV is a new UV-C sanitizer wand from PhoneSoap that kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces. The wand is built with a rechargeable battery and offers up to 30 minutes of use with each charge. While you can use the wand at home, it’s portable and designed to fit in a desk drawer, computer bag or carry-on. The wand features a skin exposure guard on the handle to protect your hands from UV-C exposure, which magnetically folds into the wand when it’s not in use. SurfaceSoap UV is currently available for pre-order and ships in November.

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